Square-Enix Announces New Mobile Streaming Service In Japan, Launching With Final Fantasy 7 And 13

diveinlogoWell, we all wondered what Square-Enix’s strategy was going to be for making Final Fantasy games available to mobile gamers from Final Fantasy 7 onward, but I don’t think anyone called this one. Square-Enix announced today that they will be launching a mobile streaming service called Dive In, allowing mobile gamers to stream and play select Square-Enix games over wi-fi to their devices. The service will launch in Japan on October 9th, 2014, with three titles: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 13, and The Cherry Blossom Murders.  November will see the additions of Final Fantasy 8 and The Last Remnant, and in December, Final Fantasy 13-2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will arrive.

Pricing is per game and follows a rental-style model based on how long you want access to the game. For example, Final Fantasy 13 will cost 250 yen for three days, 510 yen for ten days, 1250 yen for one month, and 1800 yen for one year.  Final Fantasy 7 will cost 200 yen, 400 yen, 1000 yen, and 1429 yen for the same respective periods. If you can plow through an RPG in a weekend, you’re looking at some of the cheapest prices yet for a Square-Enix game.

I have to stress, at this point in time, the service is announced only for Japan. While it seems to make sense for this to become a worldwide service, it’s hard to say for sure if and when that might happen. Nevertheless, it opens up some seriously exciting possibilities, since Square-Enix’s entire catalog should be open season regardless of the original hardware it runs on. The Dive In app will be available in Japan for iOS and Android from October 9th. Keep tuned to us here at TouchArcade for further information about a possible wider release.

[Square-Enix Official Dive In Site]