Team Meat is currently showing off Super Meat Boy Forever on the show floor at PAX Prime in Seattle. According to reports, it's an endless runner set in the Super Meat Boy universe, controlling the meaty protagonist, with buzzsaws and the like to avoid. The game is set for tablets along with PC.

There are a few questions left unanswered: one, is this a high score endless runner or just a level-based auto-runner, a la Bit.Trip Run [$2.99]? Second, is A Voyeur for September a real game, or just a joke teaser for Super Meat Boy Forever, since the two titles are anagrams for each other? And third: will this actually come out? Plenty of games from Team Meat have been teased for mobile, but none have been made playable in quite this form.

Update: Joystiq has a quick vine of Super Meat Boy Forever in action, check it out:

If it does actually make it out, it will be welcome to finally have Super Meat Boy in some form on mobile. The game has influenced many challenging platformers before it that have eventually found their way to mobile, such as League of Evil [$2.99], Commander Pixman [$2.99] and so much more. Even in an endless runner form, playing a real Meat Boy game on iOS and not just Super Meat Boy Handheld would just be symbolic. Let's hope it comes out soon.


  • khann

    Got excited about Meat boy
    Hopes were dashed when I saw endless runner

    • AcidicUK

      It has levels and chapters just like the previous game. It ALSO has a new endless runner mode and a daily run for high scores so don't worry!

  • InkyTheGhost

    Bummer! I don't own a tablet.
    And there are plenty of twitchy games on iOS with great controls, shame they're making a runner.

    • Threeboy

      onscreen controls just make me want to use gamepad.

  • paulkane

    What!?! Ugh.

  • Bool Zero

    Well I'm happy at least! Yay tablets! Can't wait! Not a huge fan of these types of games but something about Super Meat Boy was just so drawing and enjoyable, I didn't mind the deaths and never felt the frustration I sometimes get from these games... Probably because of the great controls!

  • SonixManix

    Why only for tablets?

  • GreedPhantom

    Because tablets are the futur of handheld Gaming. That's why.

    • Threeboy

      sad but true 🙁

    • InkyTheGhost

      That's not really an answer - we live in the present, not the future.

      • GreedPhantom

        Seriously man ? Wow...

  • dylanmannen

    OH MY GOD! Amazing news! 😀 cant wait!

  • dylanmannen

    So so so excited! 😀 love meat boy to death, and srsly guys, endless runners ARE perfect for ios devices. this will be a perfect fit!

  • bigrand1

    Bout time we get SMB on mobile. Hope Android gets it too!

  • D4rgolf

    Don't know where the "only for tablet (and PC)" stuff is coming from.

    Edmund McMillen himself declared that it would be coming to phones/tablets and steam.

    I don't see any reason why this should not hit iPhones / android phones - other than the game not coming out at all of course.

  • Eric

    McMillen just tweeted that it is NOT an endless runner...

  • ktern

    So this is the Rayman (something) Run of Super Meat Boy?

    Well, I'm okay with that...

  • gmattergames

    In my completely uninformed and anecdotal opinion, I'd guess Team Meat has not released SMB outside of XBLA/Steam, because, 1. They've become pompous indie snobs and are thumbing their nose at Apple/sony, etc. 2. They have no business sense. 3. Because it was coded in XNA, without middleware, porting to android/iOS/PSN/WiiWare is well over their head and/or level of motivation. 4. They're committed to some sort of deal Microsoft, that limits release platforms they can port the original.

  • Zerodactyl

    Oh, wow! I loved Super Meat Boy!