Do you like the review headline? See, what I did there was take Clash of Clans [Free] and clumsily mixed Star Wars with it in a very on-the-nose way, in hopes that it would provide some entertainment to fans of both. Sorry for the sidetrack there, you came here to read a review of Star Wars: Commander [Free], right? It's the latest in a very long line of Star Wars-themed games that give a popular genre or title a healthy coat of Star Wars paint to see if something magical will happen. To the credit of Lucasarts, this has yielded some strong results in the past. Star Wars Baldur's Gate was pretty cool, Star Wars Wing Commander was amazing, Star Wars Battlefield 1942 was really fun, and even Star Wars Doom was pretty good for its time. Of course, there was also Star Wars Fighting Game and Star Wars Twisted Metal, so clearly the pendulum swings both ways here.

All sarcasm aside, I think there's a certain sort of merit in mixing in the Star Wars license with a variety of popular genres. No matter how you feel about George Lucas after the Prequel Trilogy, I don't think even his biggest detractor can deny that his efforts produced a great science fantasy universe that can support all kinds of interesting stories and concepts. For video games, that means almost any genre is going to fit somewhere in the extended fiction, and no game is poorer for having lightsabers in it. Things frequently break down in the execution, but in an odd way, I think even the worst Star Wars games usually show enough affection for the franchise to please fans on some level. If something like Angry Birds: Star Wars [Free] can work, and in my opinion it does, then sure, bring on Clash of Clans: Star Wars.

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The funny thing is, this game is so close to working, you can almost taste the Wookiee kiss. Oh, to be sure, it is following the Clash of Clans script very closely, but that's probably the smart play if you're trying to put together a free-to-play game in this sub-genre. The game starts with you setting up a base on the desert planet of Tatooine with a chatty partner, sometime after the events of A New Hope. Before long, you find yourself on the wrong side of Jabba The Hutt and need to form an alliance with either Princess Leia and the Rebels or Darth Vader and the Empire. Joining the Empire will give you access to their advanced war machines like the AT-ST, while joining he Rebel Alliance will give you access to Han Solo and Chewie. I presume that's an easy choice for you.

Once that choice is made, the game begins in earnest, and it works pretty much like most of the other popular free-to-play games in this genre. Gather up resources, build buildings, set up your base defenses, put together an army, and upgrade everything so you can do all of that better. There are timers on almost everything, and while the curve is more gentle than some games, you'll still find yourself reaching a point where you might as well just close it and forget about it for a few hours. You can and should join up with a Squad of other players so that you don't get picked on by others, and also so that you can pick on others more effectively. If you've played a game of this type, you've seen it all before, but this time, you get some John Williams music in the background, which I'm pretty sure makes everything feel more epic and awe-inspiring. Seriously, try playing it in the background while you're in the shower one day, or washing dishes.

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Those strong Lucasarts production values are one of the things that sets Star Wars: Commander apart from the pack. The graphics and art are good and, naturally, spot-on to how things look in the films, the music is wonderful, and there's even a fair quantity of good voice acting, albeit all by sound-alikes of varying skill. There's no substitute for James Earl Jones, but their Han Solo actor sounds more like Harrison Ford than the actual Harrison Ford does these days. I can't say I feel all that good about using the likeness of Sir Alec Guiness to beg for App Store reviews, but other than that, it is good to see licensed characters looking more or less the way we remember them.

The other big point in the game's favor is its relatively robust single-player campaign. Instead of simply just building, collecting, and building some more between multiplayer skirmishes, there's actually a storyline to work your way through. It's not exactly well-written stuff, but it's enjoyable enough to play through. It also gives you a lot of practice for battles and gently guides you to build your base in a fairly sensible way. This also gives you a vital opportunity to see just how teeth-shatteringly stupid the game's AI is before you go into battle with other players. It's kind of mind-boggling how bad it is. Your troops will sit there taking shots at a building while enemies blast them over and over. One member in the thread in our forum said he's seen his army attacking walls in the middle of nowhere while enemies are attacking them, and I'd believe it. There either needs to be a serious update to the AI or some sort of manual override implemented, because they're not even dumb in a reliable way at the moment.

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There's not a lot more to say at this point about Star Wars: Commander. These kinds of games tend to see frequent and robust updates, so this is more a review of the starting point than wherever it will end up. At the moment, it's a fun clone of Clash of Clans with great fanservice and idiotic AI. It has ever-increasing timers, premium currency, requires an online connection, and a bunch of other monetization tricks, just like CoC. If you hate that game, you're not going to have more fun here, but if you enjoy it and you like Star Wars, you're probably going to have a good time here in spite of its flaws. Time will tell if it can close the quality gap with Clash of Clans, but I have a feeling that for a great many people, it doesn't need to.

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  • Durduhdur

    Empire all the way!

    • Xgenish


  • GreedPhantom

    For Star Wars fans only. Because if you're not. You'll hate it.

    • curtneedsaride

      I'm a Star Wars fan, but I hate the Clash of Clans F2P stuff. So, I also dislike this one. Wish it was more like Empire at War.

      • GreedPhantom

        Yeah i see what do you mean. But, trust me. Very good fan service in it that keep you farming and waiting.

    • Lao Zoot

      I love CoC. I am a huge Star Wars fan, which makes me hate this game all the more.
      The stupid AI, and the devs continuing to money-grub just to make a dime off the Star Wars name while continuing to make the game worse and worse... it's disgusting.

  • andylangers

    I agree, Star Wars fans will enjoy the premise but the AI needs fixing desperately, I've seen numerous troops just work their way around an enemy base shooting walls but ignoring the enemy and their buildings

    • torosama

      That's because you haven't learned what troops do what apparently. Every type of troop attacks a different thing, some turrets, some troops and some buildings. It clearly states it on each description.

      • grizzlynetch

        I agree with you, but units are attacking walls right next to already destroyed parts, they don't defend themselves etc. I think with the similarity to CoC and other games like that it shouldn't be such a problem to "copy" some of their behaviour 🙂

      • Raymondo

        Nope. TIn theory yes, in actual practice, they're activley seeking out walls and ignoring their "priority" targets.

  • Jay

    I like Star Wars and Clash, but I hear too many bad things about the AI for this game. That's a deal-breaker for me. It's bad enough it Clash of Clans and that's as good as it gets.

    Maybe I'll jump on board in a year or so when they've ironed out the kinks and balanced everything.

  • Jake7905

    Much like Tiny Death Star, the thing that makes this clone appealing is the fan service, not the gameplay. Clash of Hans? Nah, this game is just another storm trooper in Attack of the Clones.

  • Lemmonz

    Really should just said Attack of the (Clash of Clans) Clones.

  • DaWookiee

    I love this game, but the AI does get annoying sometimes. I'll send in tanks that are supposed to take out enemy turrets, and sometimes they'll drive right past 2 or 3 turrets and go for one way in the back of the enemy base, meanwhile getting blasted to smithereens by the ones they're ignoring.

  • Enker

    I would pay a good sum of cash to have the original DARK FORCES on my phone, that game was amazing. If Doom can do it why not that?

  • hourglass

    Why can't they release a better game? Why don't they just port Galactic Battlegrounds or something? I would pay top dollar for a port of that game.

  • Ken

    Been playing this for a bit and I like it. But I never got into Clash of Clans. My only comment so far is that the rebellion seems fairly weak in comparison. I think more effort could have been made to balance it with different play styles. Use of spies etc by the rebellion vs the brute force of the empire.

  • mutts

    Non existent AI runes this.

  • Guest

    The AI is more dumb than a wooden log, seriously. If you are given a small force to attack bases that are higher tier or campaign, pray your AI won't go haywire and walk back and forth.......

  • Raymondo

    It's mind numbing, it seems that every troop and vehicle's #1 priorities are walls. I have At-Ats taking long circuitous routes to shoot a wall. Tanks avoiding troops and turrets to circle around and shoot a wall.

  • Focus

    The game it's nice, but eventually it forces you to spend real money, you can't just wait 6 days to finish a building while you only have 2 droids. Also, with real money, you can buy everything you want (resources, droids, instant finish buildings etc.). Basically, if you are ready do spend a lot of real money, you can do what others did in 6 months in 1 day. And that's bullshit if you ask me.

  • Lao Zoot

    AI is laughable. Mind-numbingly bad. Still, as of 12/2015.
    So bad that you have to really work at 3-starring some of the beginning story missions.
    Balance is awful.
    George Lucas must have had a big hand in this, because it does a great job of taking a steaming dump all over the Star Wars name.

  • LR99

    Been playing for over a year but the last few developer updates have completely crippled the imperial side. Most people I know are leaving the Game or starting a Rebel account because with no effort you can walk over any Imperial opposition while even at level 10 Empire it's hard to beat a lowly Rebal base.
    I've finally reached level 10 but I'm going to stop playing. It's just not fun anymore.
    If you're thinking about joining then go for the Rebs. Otherwise you'll just swear at the game every day! Shame they screwed up a good game.

  • Sean Gilbert

    This is a great game but if anything goes wrong don't ask Disney to restore anything you have lost I was not asking for real money just game resources and her is the replay I go
    Hi there,

    I don't know how else to explain this. We will not be compensating for the issue at hand, no one got any and this is up to the developers and this was their decision.

    If you have any other questions please let us know as we will not be answering further compensation requests.

    Kind regards,

  • Frisky Ewoks

    This game became unplayable. The balance has shifted so much towards the Empire that the rebels are leaving the game. The developers killed a really good game by introducing an armoury and guard reserve defence. If you want to try it choose Empire, at least you wont have to go through a lot of frustration. Also don't spend any money unless you played for a while.

Star Wars™: Commander - Squad Wars Reviewed by Shaun Musgrave on . Rating: 3.5