Twitch's mobile support has so far just been limited to Asphalt 8 [Free] from Gameloft, but finally a second game supports live streaming to Twitch: Heroes of Order & Chaos [Free], also from Gameloft. This is perhaps the most appropriate game to get Twitch streaming yet, as MOBAs are the bread and butter of Twitch popularity, with League of Legends and Dota 2 being two of the most popular games being streamed at any given time. And as a 5-on-5 MOBA with lengthy matches, there's plenty of reason to stream this game on Twitch to interested audiences – and now it's possible straight from the game, with camera and microphone support.

Heroes of Order and Chaos Twitch

Whether this is a sign of more Twitch-supported games to come seems unknown: Gameloft is still the only developer to have released a mobile Twitch-streaming game (though the Nvidia Shield Android tablet supports streaming any game), and with Amazon buying Twitch, who knows what the future for Twitch on mobile will be. And how many people will stream a two-year old game that had no streaming support until now?

Heroes of Order and Chaos Twitch In Game

Twitch streaming isn't the only thing added to Heroes of Order & Chaos, for those checking it out: there's three new heroes, a solo league, rebalancing, and improved matchmaking and reconnection settings to try and improve the play experience. The update is out now.

  • DuckyShot

    Saw a guy streaming this with around 60 viewers. For an iOS game that's pretty cool

  • Fangbone

    How's this game stack up to Fates Forever?

    • mrktrx

      I was about to ask the same.
      People say it's similar but I doubt it

    • Marvin

      HOC blows Fates out of the water. Fates is an okay quick play based ios experience but HOC is designed for the hardcore gamer that wants a game to be part of his daily routine. Granted some players of HOC aren't consistent players, there are many that are. HOC has a lot of the elements that keep people playing games like DoTA and LoL. Gameloft has a solid game with HOC and with rebalancing and things of the such, it should of just gotten a lot better.

  • oscar123967

    Ok now this makes sense. Idk why they added it to Asphalt... Its not really a genre for streaming

    • Ryan

      Twitch viewers actually voted for Asphalt 8 when they conducted a survey on Twitch (:

      • oscar123967

        When was this? And well hoc is already getting a lot more streams & people viewing than Asphalt ever did. And why do a survey on twitch...? Lol

  • Killerluffy246

    Rather play shadowgun deadzone or WOT blitz rather than a boring gameloft game

    • XboxOne

      Shadowgun: Deadzone was my choice of game on iPhone until the hackers messed up multiplayer. I've left the game alone for many months now.

  • Ultima12

    I hope this becomes more common with iOS games. I was watching the live stream last night for a while.