As pointed out by Gamezebo earlier this afternoon, strange things are afoot in the world of Pokemon. Pokemon YouTuber TheJWittz tweeted the following photo and said, "It looks like Pokémon TCGO is in works for the iPad! Should be a huge way to expand the game."


The Pokemon World Championship is going down right now, so if there ever was a time to tease a Pokemon iPad game, this would be it. It seems crazy to think that we'd see such a big franchise from Nintendo on the App Store, but we used to think that about Phoenix Wright… Which just got its second game this week.

Is this real? An elaborate hoax? Who knows, but it's fun to think about.

  • Touchdoku

    *Makes popcorn and puts on sunglasses* This will be interesting

  • spader623

    Wait, people actually play this? I knew it existed... But I guess I never... Wow.

    • curtisrshideler

      Yeah, my brother is in his twenties and has spent hundreds on cards. He's into it hardcore. Guess it's like my obsession with mobile gaming.

      • spader623

        I mean, there's nothing wrong with it... I just didn't realize it was that popular. Now a better question is WHY IS YU GI OH NOT ON IOS??!?!,!?!?!?!?

      • nini

        Isn't it? I heard that the hardcore TCG players didn't enjoy it.

    • Onikage725

      When it was new, I was heavy into Magic. And it felt like a verrrrry stripped down version of that. But then, Yu-Gi-Oh! started out as a simplified magic clone, and has grown quite a bit. I'd be curious to see how this game stacks up now.

  • Lemmonz


    • Zerol3onheart

      Yup, conformed by VentureBeat. It should come out before the end of 2014. Gonna. Be. Awesome.

  • xzeldax3

    Genius move. Now we need a real Yu-Gi-Oh game on iOS.

  • Bool Zero

    I'm down for some Pokemon card game action!

  • videba

    Can anyone tell me how we would be getting cards? With the codes or with in-app purchases maybe?

    • Zerodactyl

      Probably with codes like the online version.

  • FRnchFRy

    One thing I was wondering about though...When I was little I literally bought HUNDREDS of these cards in real life. Will there be a way to transfer them to the game? (Nobody needs to answer. It's just kind of for discussion.) I hope there is because I will probably be playing this when it comes out, and I don't want to be spending all the money again.

    • bigballer

      There is absolutely no way they're going to let you transfer your physical cards into the app.

  • clonecommander

    When you buy cards nowadays, you get a redemption code that unlocks packs in the online game. It's a pretty smart move that way it keeps the cards business afloat. But yeah, if you bought them as a kid most likely you'll have to buy new packs and redeem the codes, or you can go to ebay and buy the codes for cheap

    • FRnchFRy

      Well that stinks but I understand it. I bought them way before the game was out. Probably bought then before Pokemon was even popular haha.

  • surirav

    Nintendo did a good job is more fun is pokemon x y or other things ported to ios. More fun and more money for then and more awesome games in the future.

  • Cookies

    It may be a tiny, feeble step, but it's a step in the right direction from Nintendo nonetheless. This is monumental.

  • Zerodactyl

    It was confirmed during the Pokémon World Championships.

  • unexpect3rd

    the last time i played pokemon TCG was on the game boy color :/ this one feels like a "use real cash to buy card packs" kind

    • Daniel Kenmar

      Well, it's more "buy real cards to get digital cards". It's actually a decent system for those who are really into the game.

      • unexpect3rd

        that's unfortunate for me then, I would gladly get it if it was a standalone game like it was back on the gbc. Been really unwilling to spend on yet another tcg. *stares at my drawer full of MtG cards

      • Daniel Kenmar

        It's possible to go free to play and earn cards through grinding tokens, but it'd take even longer than Hearthstone.

      • unexpect3rd

        I will give it a try, but I'm not expecting myself to get much into it. Even with hearthstone, i'm clocking only 1~2.5 hrs a month just so I can get the different cardbacks, lol. Though I am paying for the Naraxxmas expansion...

      • Daniel Kenmar

        Can't blame you, but either you're gonna get into it enough to start buying codes, or you're not going to bother with it at all. I don't see many people going f2p on there at all.

  • Daniel Kenmar

    For those not in the loop on the PTCGO client: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is what Magic Online is to MTG. You get all the same cards as you do in real life and play the same exact game, just through an online digital client instead of with paper cards. The clients automate the rules and progression of the game, so all the players have to worry about is simply playing the game.

    A free account includes a somewhat paltry collection of very basic cards, enough to make an extremely casual deck. You won't be winning many games on the competitive ladder with what you start with. Fortunately, there are ways to earn more cards.

    Playing the game and logging into the game every day will earn you tokens which can be used to buy packs in the game's shop (you can also buy digital equivalents of starter decks, as well as cosmetic items like sleeves). Every few days, logging in will also net you a free booster pack. Keep in mind that any cards earned through these "free to play" packs (as well as the packs themselves) are untradable.

    You can also earn packs online by redeeming the codes included in physical Pokemon TCG boosters. In essence, you're purchasing one pack in paper and one pack online. For the most part, the pack you buy in paper will be from the expansion you get online. (It may be entirely that way now.) If you have no desire to play the paper version, you also have the option to simply buy codes online from Amazon, Troll and Toad, and other retailers. The codes usually average around 50 cents each, much cheaper than Hearthstone's 5-card packs. You can usually pick up a booster box worth of codes (36 packs) for around $18.

    Thankfully, these packs are tradable, as are the cards in them. The packs are typically used as the game's "currency". In other words, people usually trade their cards for packs, not other cards. The newest expansion is typically the most accepted as currency. Once a new expansion hits, you might as well open all your old packs.

    There's not much to do other than play constructed. There are no limited formats at all online (yet, at least). There's just constructed. At least what's there is good and still fun to play.

    I'd suggest anybody to at least get a free account and try the game out. They never ask for a form of payment (because pack codes are basically the only real form they accept). It's still fun, even if it is a bit convoluted from what many of you may remember from the good ol' days of Base Set, Jungle, and Fossil.