ttallianceiconOne of my favorite series on iOS, and a fairly underrated one, is Tiny Troopers [Free] from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment and published by Chillingo. The first Tiny Troopers hit in June of 2012 and had you leading a squad of soldiers through many levels of battle, real-time strategy style but without all that base building. It was like a modern homage to Cannon Fodder, and we enjoyed it very much. Then less than a year later a sequel hit, called Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops [Free]. It didn't rock the boat in terms of a streamlined RTS experience, but offered us more of what we loved in the first game in a shiny new package. We enjoyed that one a lot, too.

Well, there's a new Tiny Troopers on the horizon, but this time it's taking the exact opposite approach of the previous games in the series and similar to the just-announced Call of Duty: Heroes it's taking a page out of the Clash of Clans handbook by focusing heavily on base building, forming alliances with friends and waging war against opponents' bases online. It's called Tiny Troopers: Alliance, and as far as these kinds of RTS games go, it does look quite good.

Now, I've bee known to enjoy the occasional full RTS game in the past, but I wouldn't exactly say it's my favorite genre. That's what I loved so much about the first two Tiny Troopers games, in that they retained a lot of the strategy of a full RTS but focused on the combat of your squad rather than base building and resource management. As far as Clash of Clans and that particular brand of RTS, I've tried many, many times but I just could never get into it. So in that regard, I'm finding it hard to not be disappointed that a new Tiny Troopers game isn't the Tiny Troopers game I know and love.

On the other hand, fans of Clash of Clans-style games have what appears to be a pretty good take on them with Tiny Troopers: Alliance. It's said to be hitting the App Store "very soon" so expect to hear more about it in the near future.

  • tahzblade

    Looks goood

  • ste86uk

    I do love the Tiny Trooper graphic style so that's one plus

  • Bruciato

    I don't understand why they bother making a promo video of these games. Just state in a picture: "it's another clash of clans folks, but with our graphics"

    So tired of these games.

    • Stormourner

      you can be tired but the rest are not 😉

      • sbnewsom

        If that was true then people shouldn't be bitching about call of duty.

      • Stormourner

        some fans of call of duty will download call of duty: heroes and it doesn't matter to them which genre they're playing

    • keshi0


  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Yes YES!!!! MORE MUST HAVE MORE!!! ...ahem actually No 1 is enough. Boom Beach!

  • Holcman

    Got tired of these types of games a long time ago. Jeez, I generally don't like these wait-to-upgrade/wait-for-income/wait-for-everything FTP games at all, but that's just my opinion. I remember that when I fist got my iPad, a long time ago, I loved those types of games. However, after about a year, I got tired of them.

    • nini

      You aren't the only one out there, others still like it and right now that type of gameplay is a good means of making money on the App Store these days. Can't blame them for doing it one bit,

  • Cookies

    My attitude towards these F2P townbuilders is simply bring back WeRule or GTFO. Still the only one where you could actually make something awesome that didn't look exactly the same as everyone else and worked rather nicely without paying.

    • ste86uk

      I actually tried installing that again...looks terrible these days! But aye I loved that game for a long time, I wish there were more like it.

      • Cookies

        I thought they totally shut the servers down. And yeah, the standard really was set by WeRule and I haven't played anything since that just gets it so right. The detail was amazing.

  • videba

    I can't even... Ugh.

  • JJE McManus

    Now it's just getting silly. It's like a truck stop with hundreds of off-brand cigarettes. Crap sitting on the counter next to the register.

  • Joltrabbit

    Well... If they make enough of them you can rotate through them all without waiting to play!

    All I got.

    • 61050

      lol, the worst part about what you just said is that you may be onto something...

  • keshi0

    Why can't one of these clearly talented studios/developers use these graphics and concepts to make a premium, no IAP bullshit strategy game like C&C or Red Alert? Why? Why not? I'd be there with bells on, and I swear i'm not the only one.

    And please don't give me the marketing trash talk of earning more money and understanding the economics of making a game.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Real pity. Got sick of Clash of Clans and boom beach. Sick of the waiting. With these games there tends to be more waiting than gameplay.

  • dibdib

    They flock to wherever the money is, even if it means cramming one more piece of uninspired sameness into the market. I suppose I'll just sit here and wait for Clash of Angry Birds, Infinity Clash, Fruit Ninja Clash, and Kim Kardashian Celebrity Clash.