FDG Entertainment's Blueprint 3D [$0.99 / $1.99 (HD)] is one of those perfect mobile games that you can describe in a single sentence to make it appeal to just about everyone. In a nutshell, you manipulate drawings in 3D space and try to rotate them in to being what they should be. It sounds easy, but can be stupidly difficult particularly in later levels when the drawings get really complex.

You can see this all in motion towards the end of the trailer they released back when the game first hit the App Store:

We posted a review of the game way back when, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm not sure what other coaxing I can provide to download a free game, so, get to it.

  • BlueForce

    The HD version is not free??

    • bigrand1

      Yup, it is!

      • BlueForce

        Only the non HD one is free for me..

    • cloudpuff

      On the uk AppStore only the ds one is free, but on the us one both are.

      • BlueForce

        No free πŸ™

  • Rennerd

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    I think EPOCH 2 is aswell.

  • thiagovscoelho

    EPOCH 2 is also free. And RCT 4 has… gone to its proper price.

  • kevin8977

    This game has a perfect 5 star rating out of over 11,000 reviews on the AppStore. You guys gave it four out of 5 and you said you were disappointed with the length and wanted more. I assume that's why it got four stars. However Monument Valley and Tengami where both given 5 stars and they where short also. Also this game was only 99 cents when you reviewed it. You should re-review it.