I love Hearthstone [Free], you love Hearthstone, and it seems like everybody in the whole frickin' world loves Hearthstone... But we're going to need to settle in for the inevitable disappointment of these weekly expansions coming to an end next week. But, hey, in the meantime, let's party down on the Construct Quarter which just went live in the US.

The Construct Quarter is home to Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, and Thaddius as well as the Priest and Warrior class challenges. I'm super curious as to how they're going to do these boss encounters, as the construct quarter was easily the most memorable part of Naxxramas for me. (Aside from endlessly frinding frost resist only to decide we don't need it, BUT ALAS.)

Here's the cards we'll be unlocking after completing the various bosses and class challenges:

7737 7748

683 7758

7745 7744

7735 7734

Now, let's unlock some cards.

  • torosama

    Not showing up for me on iPad. Launched pc version and game crashed out.

    • torosama

      Yaaaa still not up on either platform for North America, though I read EU has it. It's like... 1:30 I'll play it in the morning haha.

  • Evolution888

    All the commons in this wing will break the meta.

    • http://www.zucchinipeoplegames.com/ Nicholas Yu

      Sometimes that's a good thing! I think it's fun when the meta-game gets shaken up. People are more willing to try new ideas and some of the current top cookie-cutter decks may get unseated.

      • Jake7905

        Completely agree, this expansion has added a whole new dimension to Hearthstone. Deathrattle cards will never be looked at the same way again.

  • d0mino

    Barce yourselves for my mighty bloodlustdeathrattletoken shaman fury!

  • Erich

    Duplicating a Mad Scientist would be quite interesting indeed. It's like Kirin Tor Mage value + card draw.