We loved Paint it Back [Free] when it came out last year. After all, who doesn't love Picross? Only a complete monster. So, I have good news for you quality members of society: Paint it Back has new levels. The new levels come in a bonus room called The Archives. These levels are meant for advanced players who have torn through most of the game's rooms already, requiring 100 medals to unlock. Complete all of The Archives, and you'll unlock the Basement Dweller achievement.

For those who haven't played, it's available as part of the game's third level pack. The game is free to download and comes with three rooms full of puzzles to play at no cost. The next three sets of rooms can be bought for $0.99 each as you reach that point in the game, with an additional $0.99 to unlock the Endless Masterpieces mode. Or, you can just pay $2.99 at once to unlock the whole shebang with 150 total puzzles, with no consumable IAP whatsoever.

Picross is an incredibly fun genre of puzzle gaming, and Paint it Back is one of the better examples of the genre on mobile – and with more content, there's more reason to download it now and check it out.

  • bhavukjain1

    The pro levels at the third room are a little difficult to handle. It's not about the difficulty but the gameplay seems to be a bit buggy. On my iPod touch, the blocks are so small that I'm not even able to paint them and while playing by zooming it out, you can't swipe all the blocks at once. Not much impressive pro levels. And the freemium version doesn't provide any mind storming puzzles, all are too easy to handle and can be completed in about 15-20 mins.

  • malt66

    I didn't experience any bugs with the app. You can pinch to zoom in on sections so that it's easier to see and you can definitely paint many at once by touching and dragging.

    What I want to know though, is now that I'm done with Paint It Back, are there any other good picross games that you all recommend?

    • OneHanded

      You can try 'Asian Riddles' Part1&2, if you like picross. I had a great time with them.

      • malt66

        I downloaded one of those, but was disappointed with the iphone experience. It's way too small with no way to zoom in and you get penalized for mistakes with the F2P scheme that makes you have to buy more lives.

    • tamon76

      Hungry Cat Picross. Just as good, if not better than PIB. More challenging as it uses multiple colors, and is also timed (to get 3 stars)

    • tamon76

      Also Path Pix HD. Somewhat similar type of logic, but not done by row. I find they compliment each other very well.

  • FastShoes

    This game is just great. So glad to still see it being supported. No reason not to try it for free and $2.99 for the whole game is a fair price.

  • http://www.artofadambetts.com/ Adam Betts

    This game is one of the very few IAP games that I've bought. No consumables = respect.

  • Bruciato

    definitely worth it, i bought it and finished it twice. perfect relax

  • armilla

    Love this game, and am glad to see a content update. Such an incredible value!

  • uFinKnow

    5 star. My favorite Picross app by far. I hope this Dev makes more in the future. Instabuy

  • thesinmaster

    Crossme is far more beyond this I think

    And it has color mode sold aeperately

    Also more cgallenging than this

    If you are a fan of this genre, you should try it's free version

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