099621_largerFlappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen was at the Gamelab 2014 conference that took place in Barcelona last month, and spent nearly an hour on a panel answering questions both from other guest speakers and those sitting in the audience. Several of the topics discussed have been talked about before in previous interviews, like how Nguyen's original inspiration for Flappy Bird was the physical paddleball toy. He also discusses the game's notorious difficulty, and how it didn't originally start off as hard as it ended up being, but as Nguyen played his game and became better at it during development, he slowly increased the difficulty to compensate.

One of the most interesting parts of this talk is Nguyen's feelings towards the many Flappy Bird copycats that have come out since his game surged in popularity earlier this year and was subsequently pulled from the App Store by Nguyen due to it being "an addictive product." Dong says that he doesn't mind if people make a game using the same gameplay elements as one of his, but he's very bothered when other developers use his own creations in their own games, specifically his iconic little bird which was originally created for another game before becoming famous in Flappy Bird.

Probably the most meaningful takeaway from this question and answer session with Dong Nguyen is his warning to other developers not to expect the same sort of runaway success that he's seen with Flappy Bird. He stresses that it's important to have a good job first and foremost, and make games in your spare time rather than rely on them as your source of income. He says that Flappy Bird sets "a dangerous [precedent] because what I did was like magic, it was unexpected. If a lot of people tried to do that again I think they would fail."

According to a previous interview with Nguyen in May, the developer is planning on bringing Flappy Bird back to the App Store sometime next month, and he's also currently working on new projects, one of which he teased with a screenshot also back in May.


  • Rennerd

    The great flappy bird returns! Woooo.

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  • ineptidude

    Odd to see a small time dev warning about addictive gameplay when there are companies like King and Zygna and EA researching and capitalizing off of it. That and I can't believe Dong still thinks all those silly app reviews about Flappy Bird ruining lives were real, it was probably some 4chan/reddit prank.

    • bilboad

      Yeah, regarding him thinking it was actually ruining people's lives, he seems to have been admirably well meaning, but some combination of naivete and language and cultural barriers caused him to misunderstand humorous comments as being literally true. He also seems just as puzzled as everyone else about why his game got so popular. I'm not sure he's someone you'd want to take advice from.

    • Rosty McRosty

      You sir, have the best name on any forum ever.

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    There should be an option for a premium toucharcade app that allows users to block any mention of Flappy Bird ever.

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      Sorry, I couldn't see your post because it mentioned Flappy Bird.

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        Soooo niceah! LoL

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      what brings you to flappy bird article?

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        I didn't know where else I could find clever observational posts as genius as yours

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        Yeah, we hardly ever get nasty, self-serving comments such as yours.

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        When it's necessary to play down to the intelligence of audience members such as yourself, that's the level of quality that you are going to get there slugger.

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        You simply cannot use the word "slugger" in a sentence while questioning the intelligence of others. And why are you even on TA? With an attitude like that, I'd recommend Pocket Tactics as an alternative. That's where all the "intellectual" gamers reside.

      • Jake7905

        And I'm not so sure that you're "playing down", you seem naturally gifted.

    • thiagovscoelho

      Half Life 3 Confirmed and Coming To iOS, Flappy Bird Getting Revamped as an RPG, Square Enix Reveals "Chrono Trigger" iOS Port and Other Exciting News This Week

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    Heh, Dong

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    The Donger!!!!

  • Jake7905

    The Justin Bieber of the gaming world returns.....

  • anabolicMike

    Um he is unhappy that people are using his bird in games? Does anyone else find that really really really ironic? Like look at that game! It shoulda been called "flappy copywrite laws are for suckers!"

  • hPhone

    I think people should know that Flappy Bird is nothing but a copy of "Line Birds" which was there 3 years before... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/line-birds/id438084823?mt=8

    • WrenDavey

      Line Birds is a clone too. "The Endless Flight Game" came out before that in 2007.

  • thiagovscoelho

    TL;DW, wish you would give the times in the video the highlights you mentioned were shown so I could just watch those

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    Not deleted, just stuck in moderation queue.

  • daimaV

    I read from Wikipedia that flappy bird copy many concepts from : Super Mario bros and other games (I don't their names )

  • http://geekologie.com Dr Sketchy

    I think he's right in warning people against thinking that they can just make a crappy game one day and suddenly be millionaires. I think a lot of (most?) game developers secretly think like that. They don't understand that monetary success is largely a process of years of really hard work - and in a few cases - like winning the lottery - sheer dumb luck. I wouldn't bet my future on winning the lottery, either.