If you're not the kind of person who is totally stoked for the release of Modern Combat 5 next week and instead prefer slower-paced games like Telltale adventures, you're in luck: Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2 [Free] is getting its fourth episode next week. Titled Amid the Ruins, it continues the zany adventures of Clementine and friends in a zombified apocalypse.

It's scheduled to hit iOS on the 24th, while arriving on every other platform either one or two days before. The original game was great, and so far we're digging the sequel, but, if you're in to these kind of games, you already know they're real good.

  • ImJPaul

    Good. Ep. 3's ending was such a cliffhanger!

    • barbarajwebster

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      • Eseres

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      • Josh

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  • Nekku

    Good! Just one last Episode and I am finally able to play it in one session just like I did with TWD1.

  • adventvalor

    Well it's almost time to fire up YouTube again.

  • Elton

    "Zany adventure" is a fun way to talk about a zombie apocalypse. 😀

  • Eseres

    Jeeez! Telltale is sooo slow at launching each episode 😛 Its almost to the point where you can just wait 12-18 months before you even buy the game LOL! Great that they're finaly releasing a new episode now though, because I was about to delete the game from my iPad just to free up the space 😛 If they are ever going to make a third seson, I won't download it untill it has past well over a year. Im tired of keeping my game saves for a game I only play once, which they take forever launching new content for. The wait between the TV show sesons are easier than waiting for Telltale to quit messing around with each episode. I highly doubt that make each episode and release them before they start working on the next one... My guess is that they're dragging it out just to be sure that absolutely everyone have downloaded each episode before they give us the next one 😛 I bought their freakin' bundle, so Im obviously going to play all the episodes...

    Why, Telltale? WHYYYYYYY!!! Clementine could grow old and die a natural death way before you guys get to release the final episode 😛 Even the zombies in the game gets tired and might die from decaying of all the waiting 😛 Not to mention Apple being able to release like 10 new version of their freakin' iPads before you guys are done with the final episode. One seson each year with a episode every three months is too slow for a TWD fan like me 😛 If Robert Kirkman was dead, he would have rolled around in his grave by all this waiting 😛 Hurry up and be done with seson two so that you can start on seson three, please!!! With this slow phase it is on now, people at the old folks home will make fun of me when Im sitting in a wheelchair playing this game while the nurses are trying to make me eat my pills 😛

    • SmithDoc

      i hope this is a joke -so far every episode has taken two months.

      • Eseres

        2 or 3 months...(?) Not much of a difference. Too long of a wait anyways... But yeah 😛 Some sarcasm in there a few places...

  • Plantastic

    love the Zombie Plant that Plays DEAD when you Touch it! Freaks everyone out when it does