I elected to miss the boat of this particular console cycle and build a PC instead, but if you're a console gamer, chances are you're undoubtedly stoked for Destiny. It's the first huge release from Bungie since they got off the Halo franchise, and everything is indicating it's going to be a pretty rad game. A public beta is starting up tomorrow for people with Sony consoles, with a Microsoft console beta coming next week.

Like a lot of games these days, a companion app has been released. It's cleverly titled Destiny Companion [Free] and it doesn't really sound like it does anything that new or exciting beyond what other similar companion apps have done. You'll be able to inspect your dude, check your scores, communicate with friends, and things like that.

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Are you guys excited for this? I'm starting to feel like these "second screen" companion apps don't add a whole lot to the game, but maybe I'm wrong. I've yet to try one that really knocked my socks off. Maybe this is it?

  • hourglass

    Honestly, I'm just going to skip Destiny entirely. It just doesn't look like it will be different from games I already have.

  • TomCrown

    I'd be excited if Destiny was coming to Mac.

    • surirav

      It Will but later and good thing they optimezed special for the Mac range.

  • falco

    I will try the beta tomorrow and downloading this now.

  • iAjent

    I played the Beta and it was awesome. For those deciding whether or not it's worth (I noted the comment above that states it's just like every other game they have); it plays like Borderlands but with more of an emphasis on story. Playing co-op makes the game better, but you will randomly come across big public 'events' as you play anyway. These involve huge enemies that need to be taken down co-operatively with other players- be they party members or other randoms who happened to have strolled into the event. It can feel pretty epic. The core game is certainly different enough to feel 'fresh', definitely more so than something like Titanfall. The competitive element (The Crucible) takes your persistent character (with all the gear and upgrades made by playing the 'main' game) and let's you compete in matches that feel very Halo-esque.

    The companion app looks a little better than most other since it is actually beneficial to use along side the game. For instance, you might play a 2hr session and then have to log off; not having time to check all the awesome loot you just picked up. You leave to do whatever you're doing and then when you have two minutes you can fire up the app, browse your loot, equip any new items worth equipping and then browse any new Grimoire entries you've unlocked.

    To me this seems completely complimentary to the main game, as I can just play when I'm at home and then do all the 'admin' on my lunch break !

    • Onikage725

      ^you just convinced me to pre-order

      • falco

        Hurry it is the last day if you wana enter beta 🙂

    • one.sixty.four

      One question: are all the enemies aliens? Or some human? (I know that's two but...)

      • iAjent

        In the alpha and beta the PVE enemies are aliens. In the PVP you play against other characters created by players that might be human (there are three 'races' to choose from when creating the character).

      • one.sixty.four

        Ok, thanks for the clarification. It looks good!

  • Squablo

    So far, the only good use of "second screen" gaming has been on WiiU or the DS/3DS. Monster Hunter is a great example, as you can totally customize your HUD, or like me, take it all off the screen and have only the game display on the tv, while you HUD is on the gamepad.

    This concept only plays well with devices that have physical controls attached to the touchscreen. Without that, second screen is pretty limited.

    • falco

      Second screen is nice for zelda Zelda too!

  • Saudademaru

    I am really excited about Destiny. As for the companion app...those just aren't things I care much about. I guess they are good to have but I most likely won't use it much. Kind of seems like a waste of resources to develop them.

  • Zendorphin

    Amazon hasn't sent me the PS4 code yet. Has anyone received theirs?

  • espressomachine

    The companion app for Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is great. Lets you handle all your map/marker setting stuff, manage your fleet, and other stuff.

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