The original Fieldrunners is an App Store classic, and is largely responsible for sparking off the huge influx of tower defense games on mobile. In 2012 Fieldrunners 2 took everything great about the original and expanded on it, creating quite possibly my favorite tower defense game on iOS. That was a couple of years ago though, so what's Fieldrunners developer Subatomic been up to since then? Well according to, they've partnered up with Flaregames to release a new Fieldrunners title sometime in 2015.


The article is an interview with Flaregames' CEO Klaas Kersting, and most people will probably be familiar with Flaregames by way of their hugely popular Royal Revolt 2. Unfortunately, very few details about the new Fieldrunners are available, as it's still quite early. However, we do know that Flaregames will be both co-developing as well as publishing the game, and we know that it will be free to play. Yep, get out the pitchforks and torches. At any rate, Fieldrunners is one of my favorite series, so I look forward to finding out more about its next entry sometime in the future.


  • Jake7905

    What's worse then discovering that the Fieldrunners sequel will be free-to-play? Discovering that it will be handled by the freemium dream team that gave us Royal Revolt 2.

  • Based Xatu

    Wouldn't it just be like FR2 lite? Seriously FR feels IAP heavy when you play hard and have no power ups.

    • genevajjones

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  • Hypocrypha

    Best ios game experience was being the first to play the original Field Runners when it didn't even have sound after only having Papi Jump. That day is over, now there's a million games with unlocks and IAP crap. Miss the early days of iOS gaming.

  • dibdib

    May as well. FR2 was such a shameless scheme to extract more money from players, it's amazing they had the gall to charge a cover price on top of it.

  • ZarieoZ

    What a shame 🙁 enough said!

    I can't believe nearly all the developers that used to respect & love when I first ventured into the AppStore more than 4 years ago make me feel quite the opposite now a days. Like Firemint, pop cap, and now subatomic. It's really sad how things have changed in the last 4 years. And I even gave real racing & PvZ a shot after several months of neglecting them but no it was not the way to go, they were deleted in a few days. Needless to say I'm skipping that one.

  • Reignmaker

    Fieldrunners 2 was fun except for its completely ridiculous IAP. Then I discovered Kingdom Rush. I uninstalled Fieldrunners 2 and haven't missed it since.

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