David O'Reilly's Mountain [$0.99] is an interesting... thing. We posted about it when we first heard about the "mountain simulator" coming to the App Store, and our forums are filled with people who don't get it, people who are trying to get it, and people who are flat out mad at its existence.

Similarly, the game has been the target of several editorials, such as Leigh Alexander who argues there being nothing to do is a good thing while Ben Kuchera feels like he's been trolled. Personally? I'm just happy to say I've finally done a 24 hour stream marathon of anything. It's a merit badge I figured I wasn't hardcore enough to ever earn.

Anyway, here's my mountain, 24 hours in, absolutely littered in junk, streaming live for as long as I feel like streaming it. Possibly forever.

  • https://www.youtube.com/HansKaosu HansKaosu

    This is dumb

  • unexpect3rd

    wonder if Eli saw the mountain of puns that came up by those who bothered to even stay in that stream at the beginning

  • TrencH

    I like how some games are like that. You peek in and then go back to real life (or another game)
    Personally, this game has been very small in changes for me to be interested but then again maybe I don't have the patience (like this game advertises when you first get on)

    However, having said that I do play (or maybe watch / check in) on Godville which I just love seeing what has been going on with my minion (I called Stubby1). I love the humor of the game, it's inventory and the loot I collect.

    Mountain just seems much more uneventful. I think maybe it would have been cooler if instead of random items on the mountain it would have a person on the mountain that would progress and tame parts of the mountain. Idk, I am in the "trying to get it" camp I guess...

  • jason

    I was watching this for a while and wondered why doesn't the background (sky) move and change as if there was a camera going around the mountain. I think it would add more to the game with a dynamic sky.

  • James

    Tried really hard to get into this but I just can't. I'm fine with the concept, but nothing happens. Ever. The weather changes a little and that's it. Even worse the animation is not very smooth and makes the whole thing feel like a cheaply made joke.