Today is a bit of an odd day, as there's oodles of games being released on the App Store that have come in what amounts to three stages. The first of which are indie games which are out now from developers who aren't doing the whole Thursday launch thing that recently had threads posted in our forums. (Hint: Developers should post threads for their games if they want people to know about them!) The second group are games that are going to be available at 11:00 PM Eastern like usual, and the third is one (so far) lonely soft launched game.


Anyway, here's what's on our radar:

Out Now

Out At 11:00 PM Eastern

Soft Launched, International Release TBA

  • Cevan7

    What about Sky Tourist Blitz Trip? In your post yesterday you said it was coming out today, yet it's not listed here.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Nowhere to be found on iTunes yet, these are all games with iTunes links and forum threads. They might be doing one of those crazy 2:00 AM surprise launches.

  • Ubisububi

    On release weeks like this where I'm unfamiliar with everything, there's always at least one that surprises the hell out of me. I wonder which one(s) it will be this week...

    • John

      Did you not read anything about Hellraid on here? Looks pretty decent.

  • Based Xatu

    Implosion , yes?

    • Killerluffy246

      Get lost troll


    You should add in mine craft pocket edition for the update 😀

    • loophole

      Will that be up tonight when all the other apps come out, or will it be out tomorrow?

      • UPWAY


  • mavx

    Wow! Didn't expect Magic 2015 till next week. Color me pleasantly surprised!

  • cofunguy

    Is this now a new strategy for some apps to be out before the Wednesday at 11 pm now?? Seems this is the second week in a row that quite a few apps (ie more than just a few) were released before the usual Wed release.

  • thejbe

    Still no Monster Hunter!? Oh wait........

    • Morgan01

      More like "still on Monster Hunter"!

  • iMikos

    Still putting "HD" in your title? You should probably add "Electronic Game" just to be safe.

    • shadax

      These denote iPad games.

      • dancj

        These days there's really no excuse for not making a game universal - unless it's one that just won't fit on an iPhone.

      • Jake7905

        Some games just don't work well on a smaller screen, and with some games the UI requires an IPad sized screen.

      • iMikos

        That game says it's universal.

  • ste86uk

    What happened to that gamebook comic game last week? I never did find it

  • icepulse

    What's the Game in the lone screenshot above?

    • Rosso

      Looked through all of them. It is HELLRAID buddy

      • icepulse

        Thanks, troop!

  • Echoen

    Been playing Supra RPG. It's a 2D action RPG platformer with cool skill trees and nifty loot. Bosses are pretty fun too. You can try the first level for free and unlock the rest for a buck.

  • Shifaan

    Hellraid you have finally come after 5 months of patience...

  • ste86uk

    Nothing that peaks my interest to instabuy but I'll see what feedback is like on hellraid

  • AlexsIpad

    Wolf among us episode 5 tonight?

  • vectorarchitekt

    Where is this Konami Swords and Poker I heard about? That sounds fun.

  • Jake7905

    Seems like a weak week.

  • Tarquin Hall

    These all my favorite game. Thanks for this...