Real Racing 3 [Free] just can't stop being updated, can it? There's seemingly something new being added to the game on at least a monthly basis. This month? It's Ferraris. The latest update, available today, adds in two new Ferrari cars. There's the Ferrari F40, the last car personally approved by Enzo Ferrari, the company's namesake. A classic car to be sure, but a Dodge Dart at high speeds can take it out.

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update 2

There's also the Ferrari F50, of which only 349 were ever produced. And here's another one crashed, because I am cruel and have a theme going. Don't worry, these virtual ones are safe and sound until someone dings them up trying to pass you.

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update 1

As well, there's a new Ferrari Showdown Series where players can take on the F40 and the F50 to see which is the better car. I admit to not being a car person at all and not seeing what the big deal with all these are. But I had a roommate who loved to watch the Barret-Jackson car auctions when they were on TV. And I love to watch baseball, so who am I to judge other peoples' interests? If you love yourself some fast Italian sports cars, the update's live now.

  • GPS

    This is easily the best update so far. Not because of the classic Fezzas, but because they have significantly upped the Gold payouts for leveling up. Level 208 paid me 35 gold instead of the 3 it used to pay. It feels like this game could be completed now 🙂

    • oscar123967

      Yeah the gold income is the biggest feature in this update, not the cars. Its so generous of them. Thank you fire monkeys!!!

    • Rip73

      Agreed with both you guys.
      In relation to balancing and premium currency rewards, it is the most significant update yet in the series.
      Thanks for listening Firemonkeys.

  • marcanthony0313

    Is there any way to get the hybrid cars from the last update..? I never played during that period, so I never got the free car.. What do I do?

    • Rip73

      Nope, sorry.
      Only thing can do now is buy them when the series unlocks. A not be wound back sorry to say.

    • Taeles

      sadly no but they did add a cup race in the new f40/f50 series that pays near as well as the final cups of endurance kings. and the f40/50 series is available much earlier to players.

  • XzJ450NzX

    Meanwhile i still have 224,353,644 gold from the ifunbox hack.

    • spokentruths772

      Wow your cool

    • StealthDawg


  • jennifertdahlen

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  • Taeles

    Yea, this article missed the most important part of this update, probably the most important update in the history of this game. Scaling gold rewards for leveling up. The cars are nice and apparently there is a race in the f40/50 series that pays damn near as well as the endurance king end game series, but 28 gold every time I level? Win!

    • Robert Wigington

      How about gold level-up back-pay! 28G for a level x 170 = 4760. Please credit my account immediately, and I'll be able to buy some of the last cars that I need to complete my collection, but you've ridiculously overpriced at 800-1000 gold!

    • scottttttttt

      How times have changed, eh? So much for that quick level up. Now takes you what, 6hrs instead of 40min. Firemonkeys have changed the rules while you play.

  • scottttttttt

    The game is un-win-able. EA & Firemonkeys have changed things on the players once again. Now takes you 6+hrs of gameplay for a level up, which puts the players toward the end of the game in a situation where they are looking at 60-100hrs of gameplay to purchase one car. They want your real money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

  • scottttttttt

    Mr. Dotson has obviously not played more than a few events or he would hate this game.