Here's a great game for free, via a source I'm not sure anyone expected. Rayman Fiesta Run [$2.99], the fantastic sequel to Rayman Jungle Run [$2.99] can be had for free with minimal screwing around thanks to the Expedia App [Free]. Thing is, you don't even need said app to get a code to download Rayman for free. It's actually much easier-

  1. Head to the Expedia Media Lounge.
  2. Scroll down to "Now Available through the Expedia App".
  3. Tap on "Rayman Fiesta Run" and hit download.
  4. The link should forward you to the App Store, automatically redeeming a promo code for the game.

Also, if you want to send a promo code to a friend, you can copy this link and have them redeem the character string after "code=" in the URL. For instance, the bold part there is what you want. These codes expire on October 1st, so while it wouldn't surprise me if this promotion ran through then, if you want to get Rayman for free… I'd do it sooner rather than later.

  • Scape3d

    Sweet! Downloading now. I loved Jungle Run.

    • michellefgoss

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  • novaprotocol

    Even though it says "U.S App Store only", it works in the UK too. Sweet Thursday treats!

    • paulxl

      It works in Spain too. Great.

    • thiagovscoelho

      Brazil too. I'd say if it works here it mot work in many places.

  • Bliquid

    Wow, thanks for the heads up.
    Works in Italy as well.

  • TomCrown

    Ubisoft, even free I'll pass until they start supporting Macs also.

    • dancj

      Do you need some scissors to cut off your nose with?

    • roguewaver

      I play Ubisoft stuff on my Macs all the time. I don't just mean iOS either, although those definitely do count under the umbrella term 'mac.'

      This is going to be longwinded, but I thought you might be interested.

      TL;DR - Look into VMWare or VirtualBox for your needs.

      I have more than one method. I can dualboot, which is very easy and allows you to run windows 8 on the exact same machine you normally use. This has the upside of running directly on the hardware and being indistinguishable from a non-mac PC, but it has the downside of needing to be rebooted if you want to go back to OSX. The much better option is to run windows 8 or 7 in a virtual machine. I use Vmware and can literally run Windows right on top of OSX. If you have a fair bit of ram it runs seemlessly. Anything over 4 will do. You can work with less, but it does feel a little sluggish if you do that. I have 8 gigs of ram and it runs like a dream. If you have a SSD and 8 gigs of ram you honestly can't even tell it is in a vm.

      I can play most games just fine and all applications work like a dream. It works so well that I often leave windows 7 up just to use winamp with music stored on my external hd and milkdrop 2.0 running - that's right, I can keep a second operating system running just for the world's best visualizer and it doesn't hamper me at all. This is on a 2011 Macbook Pro. I upgraded the ram myself. All usb and drives and data flows seemlessly. I keep vm wedges stored with a developer edition (unstable, bleeding edge) of OSX, windows 7, windows 8, windows 98, ubuntu, and more than one networking / security forensics distribution of linux. I can load more than one at a time, jump around them and run any program I can think of.

      I have my own virtual networks and testbeds where I can play around with things before I go roll it out for 'real' use. I still use it mainly for fun and testing, but I know a system administrator who got me into this. He keeps virtual networks around as actual workhorse servers that the business relies on. He is perfectly fine emulating the server farm rather than running it natively. He and his customers actually prefer it that way for the amount of control he has.

      I can actually vpn into my macbook pro from my ipad 2 and run a touch version of windows 8's start menu as if it is running natively. It is fairly believable in response time even. I keep windows 98 around for messing with old worms, bugs, security flaws and things of that nature as I educate myself on modern vulnerabilities by beginning with the past. I do all this and I am just a hobbiest. There are free versions of this software like VirtualBox that let you run windows and linux right on top of osx. The better specs you have (ram and ssd, for example) the more "legit" it will feel. A small ssd and 8 gigs of ram feels identical to using each system natively, which is hard to believe.

      I use four finger swipes to swap desktops and thus swap systems. It turns heads when I jump from windows to ubunto and back to osx again within seconds and a few quick swipes. You can also run windowed versions of specific applications outside the normal native desktop, for example, I can isolate winamp and milkdrop and have them on one of my OSX desktops (or my main desktop) as if it is a native app. It just runs the system behind the scenes. You can save settings and make packaged icons and "apps" that will open up faux-natively for you. It is truly something to behold. If you manage to have a newer system you have better odds so far as graphics processors go. They are probably the largest bottle neck when it comes to video games.

      TL;DR - Look into VMWare or VirtualBox for your needs.

      • miumius


  • PaleTunaPls

    There's no secret cost, right? Have they given out free apps before?

    • the_rebel14

      Nope! There's nothing. You don't even have to give an email address. You just get your promo code and go!

      • PaleTunaPls

        Awesome! Thanks, I'm always kind off paranoia about these things, like you have to book a flight or something. :p

      • the_rebel14

        Haha! Your welcome! Yeah, that's understandable with this sort of thing. I'm pretty surprised but it is genuinely free! Best price to pay!

  • Anotherkellydown

    Cool, thanks Eli!

  • worldcitizen1919

    Many thanks Eli. Works down under too.

  • dancj

    Lovely! I only finished Jungle Run a couple of days ago.

  • soh

    Thanks Eli!

  • razorracer83

    Nice! Rayman Jungle Run free, courtesy of Starbucks, and now Rayman Fiesta Run free, courtesy of Expedia. Love these promotional app giveaways.

  • limbo

    u r the best

  • Wizard_Mike

    Nice, thanks for the heads up!

  • thiagovscoelho

    Thanks for that! Maybe I should feel bad for taking some Expedia traveller's free video game for their trip and all.

  • Danada

    Works in canada too eh

  • Spiral75

    Sweet! Nice find. I have been on the fence about buying this game a few times before. This makes the decision alot easier!!

  • the_rebel14

    Awesome! Been wanting to play this and now, it's FREE!!! Thanks guys!

  • Estrica

    Not in Hungary. 🙁 Those who are interested: "This code is only valid for customers of the Malaysia, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Philippines, France, Spain, United States, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany or Indonesia Store"

    • vicsark

      thks it worked in France Appstore indeed 🙂

    • haruhiko

      Just open an account in those App Stores by logging out of the App Store, click on a free app and create an account and choose the countries listed above. No credit card information will be required if you create the account by clicking to download a free app.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Geez I never thought this game was that good. I would have bought it ages ago. Thanks again.

  • Mintslap

    This is why i love you guys.

  • Jxsgamer

    Oh nice, thanks for the freebie 😀

  • spike17spiegel

    That's cool. I been wanting to try this.

  • Wabe

    Hmmm Getting the message code already redeemed here on the UK store.

  • R2D2

    Nice, Thank you!