Modern Combat 5: Blackout is nearing ever closer to its eventual release, and Gameloft's released some new details on the graphical technology of the game. Namely, one particular technology that isn't seen often in mobile games: screen space ambient occlusion. Essentially, it helps add detail to shadows and makes objects in the game world look deeper than they would without the technology. But see this modern technology in action for yourself using 1987's hottest image format, the GIF:

Check out the full gallery of SSAO GIFs here. As well, the engine will use other techniques such as depth of field, real-time shadows, water effects, and more to help the game be one of the most graphics-intensive mobile games yet.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Everything looks great so far.

  • the_rebel14

    Looks really nice but... Can battery life be kept reasonable with all of this? Other than that, I'm really looking forward to this!

    • Stormourner

      unless Apple makes a more powerful battery for iOS devices

      • BoonyTuesday

        No doubt. Apple is always pushing to improve battery life.

      • AlvinoBrooka

        "iOS 8 Metal"

    • Jonathan Hoenicke

      can battery life be kept reasonable? lol you're funny

    • rob

      It will be melted whilst downloading the damn game. Oh wait... no, it will be melted waiting for the release.

  • jl802

    Let's have it or forget it!

    • Stormourner

      don't forget it and let's have it

  • loophole

    A real release date would be kind of cool to know!

    • rob

      But that's not for you to know!

  • Ya Boy TwoKay‼️

    Worst Fucking Game Of All Time!

    • Stormourner

      worst game ever? PPPPPPFFFFFFTTTTTT!!!!! XD

  • saucybag

    Looks incredible. I'm not a huge fan of the series but it's great to see what's paving the way for future standards of mobile gaming.

  • doublezz

    How much is the game?

    • Stormourner

      5 bucks

      • BoonyTuesday

        Going once... going twice...

    • Jhrisado


      • Stormourner

        10 bucks

      • Shifaan


      • Stormourner

        30 bucks

    • rob

      $69.99 USD

  • iValerio1990

    Leave internet required please

    • rob

      We have suggested them to add a separate offline campaign with the same missions but apparently to them it's "too late."

  • Speedster117

    Would be the best modern combat to date if it didn't require an Internet connection.

    • rob

      We have suggested them to add a separate offline campaign with the same missions but apparently to them it's "too late." As if they hadn't delayed enough.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Forget the graphics for now. What about IAP? Hope we don't get more IAP junk.

    • Utfan

      Gameloft announced that it is launching with absolutely no IAPS.

      • B30

        Probably, IAP comes with the first update.

    • Jhrisado

      They came out and said it themselves,no IAPs

    • Stormourner

      paranoid =P

  • Kenan2000

    Me and all people are like "Alright graphics and stuff are cool and yeah yeah yeah but DAYUM!WE WANNA KNOW A FREAKING RELEASE DATE!"

    • DuckyShot

      It'll come out when it's ready and been approved by Apple.

    • Ryan


  • Boris Nguetie

    was that feature alreay there during E3?!

    • HenriqueGomez

      Nope. It is new 🙂

    • B30

      Perhaps they' ll also include some improved Gameloft features, like match-3-endless-runner mechanics with triple currency, timers and a lot of zombies (just kidding – or maybe some ideas for future updates).

    • rob

      The game at 2013 E3 looked amazing.

  • Jake7905

    Blah, blah, blah, and will require an internet connection. Pass.

    • DuckyShot

      Ey, your choice, but there's no iAPs and regular updates! Modern Combat is the best FPS for mobile right now.... Unless they make a NOVA 4

      • Jake7905

        No thanks, I've been suckered in by the corporate devs over at Gameloft for the last time. I'd rather spend my App Store dollars on worthier developers.

      • videba

        Good luck with that

  • AlexMilo

    So you guys want the game now instead of when it's done? Be patient, there longer the wait the better the game.

    • the_rebel14


      • AlexMilo

        Hehe, I know but there's a difference between 6-7 month delay and multiple (ie too many) years. 😉 it's like wine, get better by age but if you wait to long it 'll go bad.

      • the_rebel14

        Haha! Yeah, I agree. I just couldn't resist! ;D

  • AlexMilo

    Btw why is there shadows in the corners? I think the added effects makes it look worse..

    • rob

      It makes it more realistic. A all bright room may be closer to actual reality but in a rendered game it looks like arcade.

      • AlexMilo

        Yeah I know a few things about bloom, shading and renders, but these examples are way too exaggerated. Hopefully we'll be able to choose the amount in options.

  • greatnoob

    good fight Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, LG G2, iPad 3, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and Galaxy S3. You will be running this game at the same level as MC4 was on the iPhone 4.

    (PS: List is actually ordered in terms or compute power)

    • XzJ450NzX

      Umm no..

    • rob

      iPad Air has to be somewhere in the middle because WE CANT TURN DOWN THE RESOLUTION.

      • greatnoob

        You don't have to! If the devs at Gameloft's HQ are remotely smart, they'll render to an offscreen 1080p buffer then upscale that to native resolution. Keep in mind these games are always catered to low end devices (or lowest common factor, like the A5 devices such as the iPad 2 and 4S) and then extra "SFX" are programmed, tested and refined for newer hardware like the iPad Air and 5S.

  • Gen. Justice


    • DuckyShot

      Lol it's not like they could just press a button and poof, MC5 is here

  • Chq

    An extra article because of some shadows?

  • Der-Kleine

    Neat, but I'd say the SSAO is way too intense, these shadows are much too black. They should really lower the opacity of them, since it looks a little bit too comical now.

    I'm even having a hard time finding a good comparison screenshot in my vast collection of screenshots I took while playing on my PC, because in pretty much all cases the AO doesn't stand out that much. The best I could find was this one from Splinter Cell Blacklist, where you'll notice that corners are slightly darker, but not nearly as extreme as in that .gif above:

  • Ultima12

    This game has so much hype around it. I hope it lives up to it!!

    • AlexMilo

      It porbably won't, I for one don't have my hopes that high mainly because of the reuse of old reload animations, but MC5 will without a doubt be one of the best looking games for smartphones to date. My guess is that the game was delayed due to Apples release of Metal (the new development software) which was released last month, it'll basically make games with nice graphics run more smoothly. And hey the last thing Gameloft said about the game is that it is being released soon but they won't say a specific date. That usually means that the game has already been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval. So the game will probably/hopefully be released in a week or two. Finger crossed.

      • Dman

        I'd be VERY surprised if it had "metal" graphics support when it comes out. As you have mentioned in your post, this technology came out just last month and it's going to take awhile for the well known "game engines" i.e. Unreal engine, FrostBite Engine, Unity, etc. To incorporate it into their software, let alone then have game developers use it in their game. I'd say we probably won't see big franchises like MC incorporate "Metal" into their game till next year.

      • Dman

        I AM looking forward to this game tho and what can be done with graphics intense games like Modern Combat in pushing forward graphics technology on iOS / Mobile.

        I also think that this would be an absolutely AWESOME game to use on one of the many cool looking MFi controllers, i.e. Stratus XL, coming out for iOS.

      • jacobAg

        This game releasing without mfi support is a crime. I have been anticipating this game for so long, and although I am sure they made a better game due to the delay, they took away the mfi support that was reported early on.. and removed the one thing that gets me to purchase games like this on mobile. Shame.

      • rob

        Also I'm sure that they can ask Apple to hold the game after analyzation to a specific date so they can have an official release date.

  • Killerluffy246

    Whatever man. Playing wot blitz and enjoying it

  • Devok

    Well guys IAp or Internet connection you choose? You can't have everything... FREE Game, NO IAP, NO Internet connection? You gotta be realistic.

    • Jake7905

      I'll take a premium priced (and balanced) game, with optional IAP (cheats or DLC), and absolutely NO required internet connection. If I own a game, I shouldn't have to connect to Gameloft's servers to play it.

    • Dman

      Personally, I'd take premium price i.e. 10 dollars or higher and NO IAP with a required internet connection, any day of the year. I know a required internet connection is a bit of a bummer but lets face it, in today's age, having access to the internet is not hard to come by due to the proliferation of wireless broadband i.e. 3G / 4G / Wifi etc.

      Part of the reason there is all this F2P crap is due to companies believing that it's almost impossible to monetize a paid-for AAA title on mobile, due inpart by pirating and the cheap pricing of mobile App Stores, and the only way around that is to either create a F2P game, that ultimately ruins the core-game of a AAA title like MC due to its pay-to-win mechanics, or institute some sort of piracy-protection like a required internet connection, in order to recoup the costs of developing the game and have enough of a profit to continue developing paid-for AAA games for mobile.

      So in the grand-scheme of things, if having to have a required internet connection (even if it is to check that everything is kosher at the beginning of first opening the game) is required, I'd much rather have that then not have game developers investing in AAA game development on iOS / Mobile and MOST IMPORTANTLY not have to deal with all the CRAP F2P games out there that are just infecting the type of games provided on the App Store and IMHO preying on human condition by acting as bottomless money-pits and creating more games with this "pay-to-win" mentality.

      • rob

        They really CAN fix this with a simple solution by making an offline mode for the campaign in which all progression is stopped. You will use your already made loudouts and the missions you complete will marked as completed but with no reward. This is only for people who have most likely finished the story and just wants to play on-the-go. But Gameloft, for whatever reason, doesn't do it.

  • CrIISiZ

    Is this game available for ios6.1.3????

    • Ryan

      MC5 will require iOS 7 when it launches.

  • jammyman

    One year, many teasers, fakes, "coming soon"s, irrelevant games by the same developer, later....we are still waiting

    • AlexMilo

      It was supposed to be released in december so it's only 6 full months late. I'd rather wait another 6 months if that'll make the game better. The only other Gameloft games I am paying attention to anyway is Asphalt and Blitz Brigade. Dungeon Hunter too but the 4th game was kind of boring. I think that Gameloft in general is releasing generic soulless games. After all the only thing they do is remaking already existing games. They could easily make new original games but they don't because they don't want to risk the safe and easy money income.

  • Escoria

    After getting used to the controls, I enjoyed MC4 a lot. I never finished the singleplayer campaign, i basically played online the entire time. The experience was very close to Call Of Duty(classes and perks). The only thing MC needs is mifi control to be perfect.
    My ipad is ready. Bring it.

  • thestapler

    I never understand people complaining about the wait for a game. It's nice to see Gameloft in particular actually take their time with something, and this clearly has obvious ambitious reasons for the lapse.

  • rob

    I think now is the point where mobile applications should offer graphical options.

  • lll Anubis lll

    I guess it's safe to assume that my ipad 4 will get none of these features.

    • AlexMilo

      If the gameplay is good I won't care about the graphics anyway. It is 'just' a mobile game after all. 🙂

    • Kenan2000

      The game will look good on iPad 4 even without all these effects.

  • demojake14

    Will it work òn an iphone 5c?

    • the_rebel14

      I believe it will. You just need iOS 7. The 5c is still current enough that games should support it for many more updates.

  • Kozio235

    Wouldn't trine 2 have better graphics? With the tegra k1, the game's been ported to android and runs without any hiccups