This morning Versus Evil, a publisher-consultant for independent games, announced via Twitter that Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga was making its way to tablets this summer. The Banner Saga is a Norse-themed role-playing game mixed with a survival sim. While your caravan flees the overwhelming horde of Dredge, you'll need to ration food, keep morale up, and protect your people. Your oxen might not die fording a river, but your best reaver might fall off a cliff trying to save a wagon full of salted beef and potatoes. When it's time to hold your ground against the Dredge, a grid-based tactical RPG takes over, with a focus on efficiency and positioning.

I first played The Banner Saga last January, when it came out for PC and Mac. With the sun setting at 4:30 and snow falling outside my own window, it was easy to get lost guiding my group of dommed Vikings and giants across the game's ice-blighted hardlands. It might not have the same resonance in July or August, but The Banner Saga is a beautiful, melancholy, and engrossing game.

Indeed, the three-man team at Stoic made their bones at BioWare before launching a crazy-successful Kickstarter campaign, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they deftly fused The Banner Saga's story, role-playing, and combat, complimented by flowing hand-drawn art and a haunting score.

While Versus Evil promises "more info very soon," a hard release date and pricing details aren't available yet. However, if you're feeling impatient, The Banner Saga is currently half-off on Steam, as part of the annual Summer Sale.

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      Agreed! 🙂

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      You have beautiful eyes.

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      Oh my, such fabulousness!

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    I was like NO WAYYY YESSSS YESSSS YESSSSS......and then I saw to tablets and said, "ohhhh mannnnn". Oh well. I have it on steam. 🙂

    • curtneedsaride

      Yup. Me too. I find myself gaming almost solely on my iPhone instead of my iPad. I just like having my games with me anytime, anywhere. Oh well. I may pick it up someday. Looks gorgeous.

  • subshell001

    and thus my decision on whether or not to buy this in the steam sale has been cemented. cheers

  • Adams Immersive

    Speaking of good vs. evil... these are one of the victims of King (owners of Candy Crush Saga) if I recall correctly: King sued them for properly using the Norse term "Saga." Apparently King felt only they should be able to (mis)use the word "Saga," despite it having nothing to do with their own game... er, their rip-off of CandySwipe.

    • Anthony

      It's more complicated than that. Polygon has a story that can be summed up as: King are jerks and this is what happens when laws are difficult to modernize.

    • Jake7905

      The irony being that all of King's releases are basically stolen idea's masquerading as original games.

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    Holy crap, I must have this. NOW!

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    Best news I've had all week, and I'm getting married on Sunday! Stew on that!

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      You're getting married? Congrats bro

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    yeah boy!

  • Jake7905

    While I can appreciate the art of pixel graphics as well as the shine of modern computer animation, hand drawn art blows everything else away in my opinion. The Banner Saga will be a banner release this summer.

  • Bool Zero

    I have it for the PC and it is a great game... I just hope that we get the actual premium game and not the freemium one that's been on the internet for a while...

  • melocoman

    The ending was completely broken. Story and graphics were nice tho.

  • Ultima12

    The animation looks cool!!

  • ImLegend

    Wow looks very promising

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  • Game.PN

    Does having experience on King of Dragon Pass makes this game easier to beat?

  • bear-man

    Don't have tablet, so I'm definitely getting this for my mac.