Looks like a third Street Fighter game for mobile is in the works. The new game is Street Fighter IV Arena, and Capcom's working on it with Nexon, with a planned beta test in Korea later this year.

SF4 Arena

While few details are available beyond that - and my Korean is a bit rusty and/or non-existent, it's easy to speculate that this could be a free-to-play game given that Nexon makes those and that Korea is huge on free-to-play. As well, with Ultra Street Fighter IV making its way out, we can hope for some new fighters, though whether this one even makes its way to the US is a good question indeed.


  • ImJPaul

    Just bring us Monster Hunter, Capcom!!!

    • igames

      For real

    • CaptYadierPR

      Not sure what you mean there is already a monster hunter for ios.

  • gnome9er

    hopefully it will have all the players and not just some of them.

  • epikninja


  • PresidentZer0

    I bet it's a card or a runner game...

    • igames

      I hope its not runner at all but card like injustice would be cool

  • defunct32

    Where's Breath of Fire? A proper full sequel on a dedicated home console handheld, no, I jane never heard Breath of Fire VI on mobile, what kind of abomination is that?

  • John Elizondo

    Hopefully its better then SFIV HD been playing in my Nexus 4 for a while... Just wished it brought gamepad capability and the OG SF button layout

  • 8-Bit Hero

    I guess it's safe to say SF:IV is the most milked video game of all time at this point, yeah?

    • Sisee

      How old are you?
      Have you never heard of Street Fighter II?
      Capcom like to milk till the udder starts producing blood...
      ... then keep milking.
      As long as people pay for the same game with a new logo, they'll keep designing the logo's.

  • Opinion


  • toby7ten

    Have none of you played the previous mobile SF games? Volt was good. Nexon have done some slick looking MMO's in the past, great character design. This looks interesting! 🙂

  • imuddy

    Hope its not another card game. Oh lets pay $99 for x amount of gems so Ryu can use a move.

  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    According to the site, the beta is for Android users. Lame, because I would have been all over it otherwise.

  • OutSpoken

    Been waiting for news like this... I hope it's a proper attempt at street fighter with near to console type graphics and animation, not half hearted like SFxT. Even something resembling the 3DS port would be great.

  • tognesimo

    A fighting game but Android only

  • AjayP

    Any updates on this game??