In the coming weeks, iOS gamers are going to get a taste of the same Hellraid universe that is coming to PC and consoles through the release of Hellraid: The Escape on July 10th. It's from Techland, the developers of Dead Island, and like all games developed in the Unreal engine… It's looking pretty sweet. Check out the gameplay trailer they just released:

As the video explains, the premise of Hellraid: The Escape is that you're trapped inside of a magical prison. This prison just so happens to be home to loads of traps, puzzles, and other obstacles that'll put your puzzle solving skills to the test. Additonally, this excerpt from their press release should be music to the ears of many:

Hellraid: The Escape is a Universal App that includes no in-app purchases or pay-to-win elements and will be expanded with free updates in the future.

Stay tuned, as we'll have a full review of Hellraid: The Escape when the game launches in July.

  • Maglor

      \\ Λ_Λ
       \(´∀`) It’s INSTABUY
        > ⌒ヽ
       /   へ\
       /  / \\
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ
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    ノ )  Lノ

    • nini

      No, it's not.

      • Eli Hodapp


      • rpgmind


      • the_rebel14

        That's getting a like...

  • gmattergames

    Couldn't tell if this was "on rails" or allowed full 3d movement. With no traditional combat, looks like Myst meets Infinity Blade; not a bad thing if you need to scratch your puzzle itch. Beautiful, nonetheless.

    • spader623

      That sounds... Kind of amazing. I love games like myst, though I've gotta say I've never actually player it.

      • Liggerstuxin

        That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. No one cares how much you like a game you've never played.

      • ImJPaul

        That's just mean.

      • spader623

        I was saying how I'm excited to try it. You don't need to be a douche.

      • lll Anubis lll

        If you had a bad day or a miserable life, there's no need to take it out on someone else.

      • lll Anubis lll

        Also I'm not sure if you're a child, but he never recommended Myst. He was saying he likes games like Myst, as in he likes the genre. He probably used Myst as an example because a lot of people know about that game, where as some of the games he played in the same genre may not be as popular.

    • Pray For Death

      It's not on rails. Notice the movement stick on the lower left

  • spader623

    It's definitely something I'm looking forward to... That said, pretty games aren't always good games. And how long is it? Size? Price? I'm just wary with games like this I guess.

  • MajorCheevo

    It looks like something I would be interested in . We got some good games getting ready to launch and not enough time to play um all.

  • PresidentZer0

    I hope there will be controller support for moving around...

  • Adams Immersive

    Puzzles and art both look great! But I wouldn't call the graphics quality unprecedented: they don't look as good as The Room series.

  • HelperMonkey

    Narrator is hilariously calm.
    "Hello, friend. Welcome to Hell's own prison. Isn't it pretty? Oh look, you've died another horrible death. No worries."

  • Ultima12

    Looks pretty goo!!

  • sechssechssechs

    Why is this not an action-game like Hellraid on the pc?

  • Shifaan

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's about time!

  • Shifaan

    Releases the day after tomorrow! I can't wait!!