Jared Bailey just released Wrong Way Racing [Free] weeks ago, but his next swiftly-developed game is coming out this Thursday for free: Bowl Faster.

Bowl Faster Bowl Faster 2

It's actually a traditional bowling game, just made to have ten frames fit into a minute. Tap to start, and the bowling ball rolls down the lane, with tilting to move it on its way to hit the pins. Then the next ball starts rolling a second later, either to go for the spare, or with a new set of pins if there was a strike. It's got standard bowling scoring, so it's possible to get a 300, it just takes a minute or so to play. Finally a game that lives up to its title!

  • spsummer

    Sounds pretty cool.

  • thiagovscoelho

    Is there a time limit and penalties for not playing fast? Or is it just a quick lil game

    • Mess

      Doesn't sound like there is any option to not play at the games speed. The balls come automatically...

  • HelperMonkey

    Sounds like a somewhat frantic little "one more try" kind of game that will consume much more than a minute.
    Why put it down? It only takes a minute. ...And then you're mysteriously late for work.

  • imcookie

    Wow looks crap.

  • bones boy

    I like Strike Skillz as a nice bowling game with a physics component - you can actually bend it like Pete Weber. But then it has this stupid betting-against-each-other angle that is not interesting. Oh well maybe one day we can get a decent darts game on iOS as well.