Last week, we detailed the first big update for Rockecat's epic dungeon crawler Wayward Souls [$6.99], and late Friday the update went live in the App Store. And it's quite a doozy. It contains a brand new dungeon called The Labyrinth, which is a ridiculous 20 floors long. This dungeon also features a new boss fight and concluding story bits for all of the characters. Speaking of characters, there have been a number of tweaks to the different classes, as well as a number of changes to the game in general. The full change log can be found on Rocketcat's website.


This update also contains a highly-requested feature, auto screen rotation, but it's a bit finicky at the moment. It's really sensitive, and normal iOS banners pop up at the bottom of the screen when the device is positioned with the home button on the left, which can create some problems. A hotfix for this should be out soon. Also, as promised, this hefty update increases the initial price of the game by a dollar, and Wayward Souls is now $5.99. There are at least two more major updates planned, and the price will increase by a dollar more with each. Of course, the updates themselves are free for those who already own the game.

  • rewind

    Increasing by a dollar each time?! That's an old school method. I won't buy this for that reason alone.

    • keshi0

      Your loss? And increasingly so.

      • rewind

        I just checked the top paid games list, and hey, Wayward Souls isn't on there. That is because, for a game where I don't know if I'll even be able to handle the pixelated graphics, there is nothing appealing about it. 500 diamonds in Boom Beach is much more appealing, because I know what I'm buying and I know that I'll like it. And I'm not alone, 90% of the iOS market feels that free games with IAP are better. However, Toucharcade has a lot of people who represent the 10% minority.

      • Eli Hodapp

        You don't need to sell many $6 games to have a sizable amount of money, the top charts are based on volume.

      • keshi0

        It doesn't have to be in the top paid games list to be a great game. Those lists are about as relevant as the music charts have been for the last decade.

        Enjoy (and keep) your Free - IAP money machines. They're all the same just with a different mask. I need a bit more from my games thanks.

      • rewind

        This system isn't the worst either. DLC is the worst. But it's still bad, because it shows that the developers think they deserve more for updates that people naturally expect these days. If they're actually proud of their game, they would invite the world to try it, and suck money out of the addicts. I'm sure this is a great game, but I'm not willing to jump over that $6 bridge to get there, because I don't know what's on the other side. And the fact that the bridge keeps getting longer is increasingly unappealing. I appreciate that you're providing free updates to your existing customers, and at least you didn't go the route of DLC. But I don't like the price increase model either.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The reason they're not devaluing their game is BECAUSE they're proud of it. They're saying, "Hey, we made an incredible game that we thought had enough content in it to sell it for $5 when we launched it. We've since added more, and now feel the game has enough content to be worth $6." This message is in stark contrast to the typical "Oh god I launched my game at $3, now it's a dollar, please please please buy it, anyone."

        One thing adds value to a game, a studio, and a franchise. The other obliterates that value, and contributes to this race to the bottom expectation that everyone seems to have.

    • Intendro

      Wouldn't you rather have it this way so you don't have to pay for the updates if you get it early?

    • speedyph


    • Ultima12

      Haha!! A dollar?!?!? Why are iOS gamers so cheap????

    • Bool Zero

      I think you are missing the point... We've gotten to this very idiotic point with technology and software where we have devalued the work and it's effort that goes into a product (admittedly largely due to too many chefs in the kitchen competing for the same dollar). As such, the .99¢/freemium model are not the only models that should be exploited just because cheap gamers make out (debatably) better for it. There is still room for premium games and an exploration on premium model pricing. Not every developer can perhaps use this model, but then again there aren't [in my blunt opinion] as many qualitative developing studios on the App Store that CAN explore this model.

      As it stands, the idea is that the game is worth owning at the price asked and that it is beneficial to get in on the ground floor and not wait. They are adding more content, which costs them more money to finance. They are choosing not to go the typical route of customer base saturation via a fire sale style approach like most developers use on the App Store (e.g. Project "free for a day!" or ".99¢ for a limited time). You may not like it, you may not agree with it, you may not even understand it... I say just let them explore it.

      You may not find the approach appealing. Perhaps the game is not for you but I, like others here would say that the game is worth the asking price and that you'd be missing out... Judging by the talk of the forums and reviews on the AppStore, I'm inclined to believe that these folk have a good idea of what they are talking about!

      • Emotive

        Only the consumer has the devalued ideal when it comes to gaming. Businesses are making more money than ever off the Freemium model. So they know what they are doing haha.

      • Design by Adrian

        If only the App Store supported Trial periods or upgradable demos...

  • PallaZ

    Great game, but really hard

    • Design by Adrian

      I agree, I still haven't gone past the tower... I had more fun with Mage Gauntlet...

  • Nycteris

    I bought this at release, but it's way too punishing for me.

    • spedav

      Agreed. I love rocketcat and I'll buy all their titles but I just don't have the time/patience for this kind of game anymore. I'd love a casual mode just so I can progress the story

      • Rocketcat Games

        We've always focused on making difficult games for iOS, and Wayward Souls is the culmination of that. I don't think we'll do a casual mode, but the difficulty will probably slip down some in the earlier dungeons as we keep adding and rebalancing stuff. Also we have pretty good ideas now for doing opt-in extra difficulty for our next game.

      • Nycteris

        Buying Wayward Souls made me appreciate Mage Gauntlet more. I bought all the IAP to make it easier - I must be your target audience!

  • thiagovscoelho

    I don't want this game right now, but this pricing model will outright damn me if I decide I want it later. It's so stressful!

    • Apricosomoso

      Get it now and play it later then. Its worth it

  • dmn001

    "Every time we do a big content update, we alienate our customers a bit more. We plan to do this several times."

    Maybe its the wording, or the way they have it before the description of the game, but it thats what it sounds like. It seems like a niche game with a diehard vocal fanbase, targeted towards early adopters. Sure, devs need to get fairly compensated for their work, but isn't that what in-app purchases were for - i.e. not for $99.99 gems/coins in F2P games. They pre-planned updates before they launched, so either the game is incomplete to begin with or they could have just added extra map packs / levels as a paid $0.99 DLC, instead of increasing the price for each 'update'. The early adopters didn't pay for the dlc, why should new customers take the risk that it will meet their expectations, given the lack of gameplay demos in ios. As soon as it hits other platforms or another jailbreak is released, this business model will be dead in the water. I think the idea is novel, but I don't think it won't work from this point onwards. Good luck.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Rocketcat has been making successful iOS games for the last five years. Their target customer isn't someone who sees a $6 price tag and inhales sharply before saying "Jeez, I don't know..." It will work fine. They make great games, people know that, and if they want them they'll pay money for them.

      That's worked out pretty well since 2009 anyway.

      • dmn001

        Their target customer all bought the game on release date. The pricing offers no incentive for a curious new customer to buy the game today, whereas if they put it on sale for a limited time it will attract more casual players and those on the fence, and therefore maximise their revenue - assuming that is what they are trying to do. As someone who bought FTL on release date and barely played it, a high start price for the hardcore fanbase with a small sale every update would draw better attention in my opinion.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Again, Rocketcat isn't going for the bargain basement App Store customer. Wayward Souls, and the rest of their games aren't for them. "Casual players" don't play permadeath games. People "on the fence" can consult the numerous flawless reviews, or the fact that Wayward Souls has a higher score on Metacritic than Titanfall does.

        Rocketcat isn't trying to maximize their revenue, if they were, they'd have released a free to play game that's so casual your grandma could play it. They're trying to build a valuable hardcore game brand through great releases that similarly retain their value by not slamming down to 99 cents every other week.

      • Alexythimia23

        Haha eli strikes again lol again to anyone who got a problem with their pricing, turn your ass around and go to some other diluted freemium, £1 preaching forum and voice your invalid opinion there lol its like you don't listen?? If you try to understand the words these guys are saying, read slowwwweeeerrrr... Rocketcat games have not aimed there pricing for the majority but for their loyal growing fan base, and they will continue to do well because people who want a real challenge, and quality gaming will support them. So yes this might be a forum but again the idiots come out to play dissing something you clearly dont understand. Damn i wish the boys could rig up the forum so when anyone makes a dickhead comment they get electrocuted, just enough to teach them for being so ignorant and one sided lmao

      • spinalscratch

        100% agree with this. The pricing strategy sounds like a threat to me.

        I don't know,I bought FFVI or Battleheart Legacy at their launch and I am not afraid of paying a premium price for a iOS game. They were both great.

        In fact, I don't like the F2P model. But you know what I like even less? A threat.

        So good luck.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Only in the world of internet comments could "We made an amazing game that's been universally praised by every critical outlet, and as we add more content to it we're going to increase the price to reflect the value of the game at the time of purchase" be parsed as a "threat."

      • Alexythimia23

        What did i tell you eli about drama queens! Lol theres so many out there behind their computers and tablets in beautiful long flowing dresses with shiny sequins plotting their next airhead remark lmao " a threat!!!???" I think he was on the wrong forum, i believe he was looking for the US against al Qaeda forum... Yeah that must be it.

      • Zeillusion

        Let em cry Eli.

        These aren't gamers, these are teenieboppers tryna play games that allow you to place a building every 24 hours. Than steal their parents craft card and get the BEST VALUE $99.99 iap to build 2 buildings every 24 hours instead of one. (:

  • The kernel

    This game is incredible. Their changes are welcomed, and a monetary increase is infinitely less concerning to me for good game mechanics. RocketCat I commend you. Also, Joey Brady published the OST, and if you buy it on Bandcamp, you also get the OST for Mage Gauntlet. Something I searched high and low for. 🙂

    • Nycteris

      Thanks for the ost tip!

  • Apricosomoso

    All the kids who complain over the pricing system does not deserve a great game like this and should go back to candy crush saga. Everyone says the game is great and worth the price it is now. You should not complain over that the early buyers get it cheaper, you should hail rocketcat for making a quality game for the doomed app market.

    • rewind

      I am a frequent CCS player and I'm on level 321. It's a really enjoyable game, and it's free, which is probably why it's the second highest all-time top grossing app.

      • Apricosomoso

        Allright, here is a question for you:
        Do you play any games that requires great amounts of skill? Do you have wayward souls? If yes, have you beaten gold dungeon with all characters?
        If not, then your comment is irrelevant

  • rhinofinger

    This is a fantastic game and 100% worth it. Just wish there was some kind of save game sync so I could play it across devices, heh.

  • Kane

    I'm glad I bought the app on launch, I will play later when more content is added... Also knowing the price is increasing with every updates ads to the contentness.

    • Design by Adrian

      The fact that you feel more content on your purchase because you bought it early to avoid the higher price shows how fragile this payment model is.

  • anabolicMike

    I bought it on sight but never tried it. Maybe I should. Maybe I should. Wait a minute..... Which reviewer is this? This isn't the guy from the infamous "captain marvel" incident? Hmmm maybe I'm wrong. I'll have to look it up?! I'm off!

  • rewind

    In Boom Beach, there is no way to pay for the two most valuable things in the game: VPs and Power stones. In fact, they added a new feature called the Submarine, which gives you free Power stones, and it cannot be hurried with diamonds. They've chosen to put core gameplay over extra revenue, and I disagree that it is pay to win.

    • Zentatsu

      Oh ok, I'm still not interested on those time management game.. I just felt time is wasted playing those kind of game. Why I hate most Free-to-play games: $2.99-$99 iaps (seriously buy a console instead), time/energy system(you're not the boss of me), "$9 of limited in-game items"/$4.99 promo for a $19.99 worth of items - save a lot!"(that so kind of you), bland or no story at all(so lets just follow this task, right?), ads, pop-ups ads, video ads, and hell lot more kind of ads. Oh and I play CoC before, still meh..(Boom Beach is CoC re-skin with "more" added feature right?)

  • Design by Adrian

    I'm neither. I want a good game, and I bought Wayward Saga at launch, but don't find it worth a higher price.

    As people have stated earlier - this payment model works for loyal fans and puts off potential new users.