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‘TwoDots’ Review – Connecting Dots Is Still A Beautiful Thing

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Joining the vast selection of exceptional iOS puzzle games isTwoDots (Free), the follow-up to Dots, one of last years smartest and hugely addictive puzzle games. Similar to the original title, which has racked up over 20 million downloads, the object of TwoDots is to connect dots of matching colors horizontally or vertically, and also like its predecessor, the best way to clear the level is to find squares of corresponding colors out of the game board in front of you.

The game itself limits you to a specific number of moves in which you have to complete the challenges it sets for you. For example, cleaning 50 red dots, 50 blue dots and 50 yellow dots within 30 moves. Each of the short challenges are level-based, so as you advance through it gets progressively tougher.

However, unfortunately players only get a fixed number of lives, in this case a maximum of five, which means any time you run out of moves before clearing the challenges you lose a life. Should this happen, you’ll instantly be prompted to purchase more moves for a grand $0.99 cents.. but in a way this feels like a sneaky way of encouraging players to part with their cash. At one particular point, even I was tempted, but this would not have necessarily spelt victory for me so I therefore decided against it.

If you quit a level, you’ll also lose a life, so its not the most forgiving game if you’re stuck on a level and want to restart it. Sometimes it’s more a case of luck more than anything else, since each of the dots are randomly generated, and so there’s no particular reason per-say why they couldn’t have introduced a shuffle mode or similar.

The 30 move challenges in Two Dots are really enjoyable and if you were a fan of the mode in the previous game, then you’ll likely feel at home here. If you do feel the desire to spend more money on in-app purchases, you can get your hands on some power-ups that’ll probably aid your progression throughout.

Since TwoDots is a fairly challenging game, I found myself really hooked to it and couldn’t put it down for long periods of time. Lives slowly regenerate over time, so its not necessary to spend any money, but it certainly benefits the developer should you decide to. Thankfully, the game is at least free of advertisements.

Mentally challenging and hugely engaging, TwoDots will definitely interest fans of the original. You’ll have a hard time tearing yourself away from it – consider that a warning.

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