GVlogo_2Remember the Wikipad? No? Well, if you don't, the Wikipad was an interesting gaming tablet that released last year, but never really took off in any meaningful fashion. It was essentially a standard 7-inch Android tablet that could cradle into a weird controller attachment that basically looked like a giant Sega Game Gear. The device, while interesting, didn't quite come together and as I said never really took off. Well now Wikipad (the company, not the actual device) is hoping to bring their dream of an ultimate portable tablet/gaming console hybrid to iOS device owners, specifically iPad mini owners with their Gamevice MFi controller.

The Gamevice was actually originally announced back in January of this year as a controller solution for both Android and Windows 8 tablets, with iOS support something the company had hoped to include too. Well, things seemed to have changed a lot since January, as the Gamevice now appears to be exclusively for the iPad mini with no mention of support for any other mobile operating systems on the official Gamevice website. But hey, that's great for iPad mini owners, yeah? Check out some screens of what the Gamevice looks like.


MadeforMini_02 ClassicControls_04


As you can see, the Gamevice is a full spec MFi controller which means it has dual analog sticks and secondary analog triggers in addition to a d-pad, four face buttons and two digital triggers on top. It looks very much like a Wii U gamepad, in fact. The controller is actually in two parts and the iPad mini cradles in the middle of those parts, very similarly to the Phonejoy controller we checked out at E3, only for a tablet. According to Slide to Play, who went hands-on with a prototype of the Gamevice, the two halves are connected by a thick elastic band, which sounds… strange.

I'm very excited to see the iPad finally getting some more love in the world of MFi controllers, and the Gamevice seems like it could be a really nice solution for doing some gaming with buttons on your iPad mini. No pricing or release date has been announced for the Gamevice just yet, but it's targeting a release before the holidays this year.

[Slide to Play]

  • E5cape

    Wow...that is really awesome! But my device is iPad Air:(

    • http://afterpad.com/ Kevin MacLeod

      They're considering making one for the Air, but as this one is based on their Wikipad controller, which is 7 inches, it would need a new design. Would be nice to see, though!

      • BevWadevob

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  • hakamhakam

    Wow, that look just like the WiiU controller.

    • http://www.sockbirdgames.com/ Sock Bird

      Only better. The WiiU should've been a mobile console.

      • Phantom Bruiser

        You should've been aborted.

      • zakroma

        To bad I need to go to the site to downvote you

      • BoonyTuesday

        lol. It's an opinion. A bit sensitive, aren't you?

      • falco

        Shit no I wish the Wii U had not that giant controller and the battery on the wii u controller last only 1hour.

      • http://www.sockbirdgames.com/ Sock Bird

        Since the Wii U is not a mobile console, I agree with you. The battery is suppose to last 3-5 hours, but I get your drift. It's unfortunate.

    • spokentruths772

      Thought the exact same thing

  • Poo

    Hell yeah!!! As long as the hands on review is good this is what I'm getting.

  • Alexythimia23

    Does look pretty cool, but still on ipad 2 territory 🙁 seriously need to upgrade but wanted to hold out for next ipad? Oh well here goes nothing

    • darkcrayon

      Hold out. Plus by the time the new one is out there would hopefully be more MFi controller supported games. & dat A8.

  • {SQUEEK}

    I might want to shell out the money for this... However my mini crashes allot.... But im very interested.

  • I am Error.

    Cool! Though anyone who wants to make an MFi pad for IPhone 4S is totally welcome to do so.

    • spokentruths772

      I honestly don't think they will because their mainly focusing on the newer devices

      • I am Error.

        Yeah, I agree. It's a bummer, though.

  • Anotherkellydown

    So cool it's for the mini! Looks awesome, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

  • hourglass

    Shut up and take my laugh my money.

    • hourglass

      Well, at least autocorrect didn't say anything too ridiculous.

  • Twister


  • Goggles789

    If iphone controllers are retailing at $99.99, I wonder what this beast would cost?

  • witcher

    I've always wanted this but I have an iPad air and I know there is a lot of people with iPad 2-3-4 who want some like this bummer..

    • SlinkingFerret

      Yep. Ipad 4. I'd love this for the train

  • falco

    Yeah many of us prefer the standard size iPad which is perfect!

  • http://entrepreneurialblog.com Niclas Johansson

    Cool, but what if the game is played in portrait rather than landscape?

    • Edwin Ramirez

      Then you will have a very long vertical ipad.

    • BoonyTuesday

      No worries. It's not the only controller.

  • Crimzzen

    Awesome! Love my mini, this will make it even better!

  • the_rebel14

    Gee... I wonder where they got their inspiration. Looks good though!

  • godofodd

    This is just the sort of thing I've been waiting to see. Can't wait to see a full review and hear about some pricing.

    • BoonyTuesday

      Guessing $100.

  • daniel schroeder

    I like that you can tell how people pronounce acronyms by whether they use 'a' or 'an' before the word. Then again, I'm not sure if there's a good way to pronounce MFi other than the individual letters. Miffy? MyFi?