Over in the tiny mobile area of EA's massive E3 booth, EA Sports was showing off their arcadey take on golf King of the Course [Free], which they launched worldwide earlier in the day to coincide with the start of E3. Despite the normal free-to-play-isms like power-ups and in-game currency, King of the Course is actually a surprisingly fun (and incredibly unrealistic) way to play golf, and it seems really well suited to mobile.

You may remember King of the Course soft-launching at the beginning of May, and with the game now being available and being free, I won't go into too much detail about it since it's something you can simply download and check out for yourself. And if you're into golf in any way, especially the mini-game portions of the Tiger Woods franchise, then definitely check it out.

  • curtneedsaride

    Free to play and what looks like a possible online-only version of golf on drugs... I'll probably stick to my Tiger Woods PGA Tour app, especially during flights. If they release a full premium version that's not online-only, I'll give it a try. Funny, that. I'll try games that I can pay for, but I don't like to waste time and space on F2P games. But it looks beautiful, and I'm sure they'll sink a hole-in-one with their target audience.

  • Goat76

    That game looked like a pain in the a$$ to play.

  • Ubisububi

    Another F2P game from EA!!!

    What could possibly go wrong?