EA’s Free to Play Golfing Game ‘King of the Course’ Soft Launches in Canada

I know there’s going to be people groaning and moaning at the fact that the next EA golf game isn’t going to be a super technical PGA golf game, but for people like me who loved Hot Shots Golf and similarly arcade style golfing games, King of the Course is for you. It just soft launched on the Canadian App Store, and seems to feature just about everything you’d want out of a arcade style golf game with all the things you’d expect out of it being free to play like boosts and other junk you can buy.


The game comes with real golf courses, and per the iTunes description, TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews, Banff Springs, TPC Scottsdale and Pinehurst No. 2 are included. I guess the only question that remains is whether or not getting invested in Kind of the Course is going to be more or less expensive than it is to play Golden Tee. EA has a long way to go if that’s the benchmark they’re shooting for.

Canadian App Store Link: King of the Course, Free