new_apple_logoWe're on the verge of heading over to the convention center to be up to our ears in E3 madness, but first, figured we'd better post Apple's top games charts this week. It's great to see Blek continue to do well, along with Monument Valley. Additionally, it seems surprising for Bubble Witch Saga 2 to be doing so well on iPad and not the iPhone, which has typically been my preferred platform for those kind of quick games where you only play for a few minutes at a time.

Top iPhone Paid Games

  1. Blek
  2. Heads Up!
  3. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  4. Geometry Dash
  5. Plague Inc.
  6. Buddyman: Kick (by Kick the Bu...
  7. Bloons TD 5
  8. Papa's Freezeria To Go!
  9. A Dark Room
  10. Monument Valley

Top iPhone Free Games

  1. TwoDots
  2. The Line!
  3. Traffic Racer
  4. Don't Tap The White Tile (Pian...
  5. The Test: Fun for Friends!
  6. Rival Knights
  7. 2048 : The Game
  8. Toilet Time - Mini Games to Pl...
  9. Infinity Blade II
  10. Final Kick: The best penalty s...

Top iPad Paid Games

  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  2. Blek
  3. Battleheart Legacy
  4. Heads Up!
  5. Monument Valley
  6. Angry Birds Star Wars II
  7. Survivalcraft
  8. Geometry Dash
  9. The Survival Games : Mini Game...
  10. Buddyman: Kick HD (by Kick the...

Top iPad Free Games

  1. Bubble Witch Saga 2
  2. The Line!
  3. Rival Knights
  4. Republique
  5. Don't Tap The White Tile (Pian...
  6. Traffic Racer
  7. TwoDots
  8. Infinity Blade II
  9. 2048 : The Game
  10. Frozen Free Fall
  • Zenfar

    One day Mine Out will make it there, although Brigands and Barbarians HD for iPad would be more satisfying. Anybody here had a top 10 what is it like, one would assume mind blowing?

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      • Stormourner

        I cannot believe you're annoying

  • darnoc703

    Geometry Dash is finally gettin up there!

    • Juroku

      I wish it was the Impossible Game.

      • rewind

        Geometry dash is better.

  • Based Xatu

    Nice to see BHL in the top 3 .