Gaijin Games of Bit.Trip series fame have rebranded themselves as Choice Provisions - sort of. Future Bit.Trip games will still come out under the Gaijin Games label, but other projects will release under Choice Provisions - and those include multiple iOS games.

Of particular note is Tharsis, a game being made in collaboration with Zach Gage of SpellTower and Ridiculous Fishing fame: a turn-based space strategy game about surviving in space, with few details known beyond that.


Also coming to iOS are Woah Dave!, a fast-paced high score game, and Destructamundo, a game about creating chain reaction explosions to blow up everything. Sounds fun. Both games are coming this summer.

  • bitbit

    Whoa is spelled "whoa" 🙁

    • nini

      Both spellings are acceptable.

    • Jake7905


      • Bliquid


    • rewind

      Autocorrect worked for you but not for Carter. 😀

    • Happy W

      Personally, I always spell it "whoa" when addressing a horse. If you say "woah", the horse may think you've observed something cool in the surrounding environment, or just had an incredible epiphany that has, perhaps, overturned how you conceive the nature of existence; and so the horse fails to slow down — which can be a dangerous misunderstanding indeed. However, there is no standard or agreed convention on this matter, and so to avoid all ambiguity, it's recommended that the word "there" be appended to the "whoa" or "woah", followed by the horse's name if you so wish.

      The above formulation can be more generally applied to any scenario where one wishes to urge another to slow down, delay a particular activity, or cease such activity entirely. hth

  • Goggles789

    I honestly thought that Zach Gage collaborated with apple when they first changed to iOS 7. The interface on many of the iPhones apps just looked so much like spell tower.

  • parabola_master

    They did this to get away with never updating Bit.Trip Runner

  • ImJPaul


    • ImJPaul

      Especially for Tharsis. 3D FTL with board game elements......and cannibalism. That's my guess and if I'm right that would be AMAZING!!!

  • christopherrocs

    Better idea is to just update rediculous fishing with about 100000000 more fishes. That'd be nice

  • MajorCheevo

    Yeah the space game sounds like something I would be interested in

  • KeiserOne

    I wondered how they could get away in the first place with a name that is frowned upon. But their new choice (excuse the pun) is not that great IMO.

    • OrangeJews

      IIRC they're originally a Russian gaming developer/publisher, so the title didn't have a lot of influence on their image until they started going international.

      • KeiserOne

        Really? Still it baffles me how people (let alone companies) use words that seem insulting for a certain group of people when they can get away with it; when it starts hurting their reputation and revenue, they do a 180 degree turnaround and redeem themselves. Now of course it might seem like a dramatization of the situation here, but the term is really not well received (learning japanese since 4 years and my teacher vividly commented on that).