Turning the clocks back to early 2011 brings us to the original release of Mika Mobile's Battleheart [$2.99]. It's hard to forget for me, as I was living in Paris for a few months at the time, but instead of doing all sorts of Parisian things I was pounding away at monsters on my iPad. It was impossible to put down, as Battleheart did something totally unique in that it allowed you to effortlessly control a whole party of dudes in a MMO-feeling boss encounter, with fairly complicated boss gimmicks, without ever feeling frustrating. If you haven't played it, I still highly recommend the game- Or at least reading our review of it.

For all the incredible things Battleheart did, there was one super-valid complaint: It was hard to escape the feeling that Battleheart was a basic framework for a more advanced game that was hopefully coming in the future. A couple other developers borrowed some of Battleheart's control mechanics to try a make a similar feeling game with increased depth, but like most "inspired" games, they all lacked that je ne sais quoi that made Battleheart so damn good. Historically, Mika Mobile's games have been a little on the basic side, largely because their strengths have always lied in their stellar art and animation. So, looking at their back catalog, it seemed overly optimistic to think it'd be Mika Mobile that'd bring us the evolution of Battleheart that fans of the original so badly desired.


I'm absolutely elated to say that didn't turn out to be the case. Battleheart Legacy [$4.99], by Mika Mobile, has exceeded my expectations to a point that the only way I can rationalize how this was even possible involves, well, aliens. Or something similar. If you, like me, wished the original had more depth, you'll be happy to know that Legacy has enough depth to dig a hole all the way to China. In fact, if that was your complaint of the original, feel free to stop reading this review now and just grab the sequel.

Backing things up a bit, like the original, Battleheart Legacy is controlled exclusively through tapping and dragging, with a familiar quick bar at the bottom of the screen with virtual buttons to tap to execute the various moves your character can do. Instead of controlling a party of guys, you're controlling a single avatar inside of the game world. Classes are gone, and instead are replaced with a stupidly flexible character stat and skill training system that allows you to quite literally be whatever you want to be in the game… And it's all balanced in a way that makes sense.


So, as you play you'll gain experience and level up. When you level up you get points you can dump in to your character stats. In town you'll find trainers that can teach you new abilities which are gated by stat requirements. Spend your points on strength and you'll likely meet the minimum to learn some skills from the knight. High in dexterity? You'll qualify to learn some rogue skills, and so on. What's nuts about this is that you aren't railroaded down a particular skill tree at all. Want to build a character that's a two-handed weapon wielding lightning shooting battle mage who also can charm monsters like a bard? Go nuts. In fact, discovering the skill synergies that result when you dabble in training from multiple classes is an amazing part of the game.

If this skill training system were the only new thing in Battleheart Legacy, I'd have been pretty satisfied. But, remember the whole hole to China thing? This game doesn't stop there. Using your ultra-customized character you'll meet an entire game world full of characters who, like most RPGs, typically want something from you. Multiple dialog options with decisions that can actually have a drastic impact on the game are everywhere. You could be sent on a quest to kill some bandits in a cave, and really, the game could've stopped there. You would've had a ton of fun dungeon (err, cave) crawling, killing bad guys, collecting loot, and completing quests… But Mika Mobile takes this a step farther.

photo1-3 photo2

Instead of killing said bandits, why not negotiate with them? Make the right choices and instead of killing them and completing one quest, you make a new bandit contact which opens up additional quests that you never would've discovered if you just went in with your crossbow firing. It's these kind of things that make none of the decisions you make in Battleheart Legacy feel like simple throwaway dialog options as you never know where they could lead you.

Replay value is off the chain too, as with each successive play through you can choose to do different things, build your character a different way, and end up using a whole different array of equipment in the game. It's truly incredible, and while comparisons to games like Skyrim may seem pretty lofty, it's hard to think of anything else to liken Battleheart legacy to when it comes to complexity, customization, and branching choices in the game world.


On the technical side, the game looks and performs beautifully. There's no load times to speak of when going in and out of buildings (Which may even make this game, dare I say, better than Skyrim?) and it's pretty crazy how they managed to take the same art style and spell effects from Battleheart and make them not only work in a 3D world, but also retain all the charm of the original cartoonish graphics. Additionally, there's not only multiple save slots, but they also handle iCloud in the ultra-intelligent way we're always asking for.

Anyone who has lost a game save to iCloud knows just how irritating the "automatic" sync iCloud does is. Instead of trusting that whole thing, each character slot has buttons that allow you to upload and download your current character to or from iCloud. This way, you can both use iCloud as a backup every once in a while, or use it to easily move your dudes back and forth between your iPhone and iPad. It works great, and I wish more games would implement a system like this… As nothing is worse than losing dozens of hours of gameplay to an iCloud sync. (*cough* Infinity Blade *cough*)

I could seriously go on forever gushing about this game. I loved the original, and my expectations for a sequel have been so significantly exceeded I'm not sure how to even properly convey it all without just rambling on forever about all the neat things this game does. People in our forums love it, and there's even a spinoff thread exclusively for discussing character builds and other strategies.

Battleheart Legacy is easily among the best games I've played this year, and I can't imagine a reality where it isn't still high in the running when we get around to doing all of our game of the year stuff in December. Battleheart and Battleheart Legacy are games you must play.

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  • https://twitter.com/ScotDamn Scot Damn

    Though I'm only an hour or so in, I'm really starting to agree with you here, Eli. You've successfully highlighted the elements in BL that I'm thoroughly enjoying. So far, I'm stoked about Battleheart Legacy.

  • Amenbrother

    You mean that you have ever played right 🙂

  • speedyph


    • makitango

      WS is a nice game, but BH:L is pretty much GOTY material. But other than that, it's always a choice of taste.

    • Jamesrooney27

      You should buy both

    • oscar123967

      Battleheart!!! For sure!!

    • Tommi Zhihao Yu

      WS is rogue like with no outleveling content, you will have to use skill to beat it and it is hard. Battleheart is like diablo. lots of dungeons to fight through, items to equip that change your stats and skills to learn with lots of combinations.. they are pretty different but both are at the top of their own genre.. so buy both!

    • JC85

      i think ws is better, but battleheart legacy is more fun

  • AngryBaby

    "...you'll be happy to know that Legacy has enough depth to dig a hole all the way to China." This is what I wanted to hear. Haven't yet played it, but I enjoy nothing more than a game that plays well and has lots to offer well-beneath its surface. Great review Eli.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Just got a notification of your review whilst playing and took time out to say....

    1. This is the best RPG I've ever played on ios.
    2. This is the best gameplay for an RPG I've seen on ios
    3. These are the best graphics I've ever seen in an RPG on ios.
    4. This is the best pacing of an RPG I've ever seen on ios
    5. This is the best pricing I've ever seen for such an unmatched quality RPG on ios

    THIS should have been $24.99 and not Dragon Quest. The plots are awesome. Everything's awesome about this game. I'm playing a Mage and I have a wonderful little puppy as a pet that takes on all these vicious minsters and I've grown kind of attached to him. So it's not a one character game if you've got a pet.

    • makitango

      Believe me, I'm not joking; I would have paid your recommended price tag, too. Their games compete with Steam releases and aren't balanced about their revenue, which is a game design that has been practically abandoned because it's not draining additional money from the players.

    • Jack Chan

      I am not even gonna complain how crazy it is that you suggested 24.99 for a phone, because BH L is just so amazing that you feel bad only paying them 4.99 to play such a great game that also has absolutely NO IAP (it's crazy!). You just feel so bad because of how good this game is and you literally would want to pay them money so they can keep making epic pocket sized game like this. Man, if these guys had a kick starter for another sequel, they will make so much money and will use all those money to try to fit a skyrim equivalent into your smartphones. This is truly a game with heart and soul.

      • makitango

        That's why it's called BattleHEART. ;D

  • anada

    I've never played the original, should I still get it or just jump straight into Legacy?

    • Rogue Calypso

      ditto, but I have already bought Legacy and am in love! lol I have been considering buying the first one because I feel I have missed out something great...however, I am worried that I won't be able to pull myself from BH:L long enough to play it!

    • Brett

      Buy them both, seriously.

    • Slothwerks

      They're both worth playing, and different enough in their own right to be worth having both. The original has aged very well since it's release -- still looks and plays great.

      That said, if you can ONLY get one, I'd recommend Legacy.

    • Jack Chan

      They are not really related other than art style and sharing of class ideas. One is party tactical rpg like game, and this one being a customization based RPG. I recommend you try both.

  • eventide

    Easily one of the best iOS games I've played. Well done Mika

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Does this game also tell a story? Or is it "only" a do what you want game? Looks neat, for sure. Although Mika - like Rocketgame - have a following that's hyping their games way too much for my taste. But granted, that following comes from quality titles... looking forward to play this game.

    • Repelstale

      That's exactly what I'm wondering about. Is it just a pile of rather random quests, or is there a tale to be told?
      I have to say I do love the right use of cloud saves.

    • Themostunclean

      Their are multiple bite-sized stories, some intertwining. There is an overarching story about collecting 3 artifacts although I haven't gotten into it much yet. The game really encourages exploration and interaction to reveal quests and story.

    • JarvisDelta

      There is a very generic story to offer a bit of direction, but don't expect too much in terms of plot. However, the dialogue and character interactions are charming enough to make it enjoyable. But in my opinion, as you mentioned, I think the response to the game is inexplicably effusive and can mostly be attributed to the blindly adoring fans of Mika Mobile. It's a solid action-rpg, but I greatly prefer the strategic party-based gameplay of the first one, and comments on this page claiming it's some sort of graphics benchmark are objectively ludicrous.

      • symmetrian

        The graphics are not anywhere near any kind of benchmark, but they are charming and a very good translation of the mika style into 3d.

        For me, I gush because of the intricate skill system and the animation. They did a stellar job making you feel like you can develop your own approach and make you look good doing it.

  • Maglor

    ☆☆ ∧,_,∧ ☆☆☆
      (`・ω・´) n__
     η >  ⌒\/ 、_∃ That 5 Stars!!
    (∃)/ ∧  \_/
     \_/\  丶
      / y  ノ
    / / /
    ( ( (
    \ \ \

    • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

      I warned you! I warned you all!!

    • Jake7905

      What gender is that cat? I can never figure it out.

      • Echoen


    • Dethedrus

      Catman speak great truth!

    • ZarieoZ

      Lol & now it got fingers so it can play 🙂

  • lilneo

    Muchas felicidades a los desarrolladores por este gran éxito!
    Sinceramente, el mejor juego RPG para el iPhone hasta el momento. 😀

    Esperemos que MikaMobile brinde actualizaciones y nuevo contenido a BH: Legacy y continúe dando joyas como está en la AppStore y sea ejemplo a seguir.

    • HippoHumper

      ye...yeah! What he said

      • denisvjcr

        He said that love the game

  • Poo

    I put down tactics ogre in the 4th chapter cause I wanted to try out bh:l and haven't stopped playing wtf.

  • NickyNichols

    Damn, there goes my $5. No lunch today!

  • jweber4

    I'm enjoying this game like everyone else but to claim it's better than Skyrim is just absurd.

    • makitango

      I think Eli was rather pointing out how he feels towards the game. It's a similar feeling because of how nuts the polish of the game is. It's pretty much game art :p

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I think you missed the context of that. Load times in Skyrim were brutal, particularly on the console. There's no load times here, which is why in that specific context this game is way better than Skyrim. 😉

  • benexclaimed

    It's a pretty good game. It looks great, the controls work well, etc. I think the original Battleheart was quite a bit better and definitely more unique.

  • Slothwerks

    Utterly brilliant in every way. Plays perfectly on my iPad Mini retina. Graphics are gorgeous, especially the environments. Characters carry the signature Mika charm. Animations are great and the game is just completely polished down to every detail.

    I have just so many good things to say about this game so far that I don't know where to start. I was afraid that I wouldn't like it, because I LOVED the party mechanic in Battleheart. I'm happy to say that while Legacy does play differently, it still captures the great feel of the original Battleheart.

    I love the new open-ended, non-linear gameplay. I like being able to run around and do different quests. Without spoiling anything, it seems there are actually different outcomes to quests (eg: while on quest, you may be presented with an option to do something else). I won't elaborate too much, but it seems like there's some good opportunity for replay there.

    The new class system is great. You can mix and match abilities, provided you have the stat requirement to do so. I don't really know how this will come to play later, but in theory, you can sort of 'build your own class', based on one of the game's many classes.

    There's a sense of mystery and interest to the world. You don't just pick the class from a menu. You have to go out and find the second half of the classes. Without giving too much away, supposedly the Barbarian has "gone east", and so you have to go and find him. It takes me back to some of my favorite RPGs, where there was story and intrigue behind some of the characters.

    Combat is fluid, easy to control, and satisfying. The abilities have a satisfying punch (both functionally and visually). The camera effects Mika used in Battleheart are also used in Legacy, giving each ability a satisfying and visceral feel.

    The only one really minor issue I ran into was in the Level 3 mine quest (I can't recall the name), the UI seemed to stop functioning; I was unable to open either of the chests I found (the open chest button was visible, but disabled) and I wasn't able to click my hero portrait to change items.

    Lastly, I just have to say that I appreciate that Mika stuck to their roots and made this a premium experience. They easily could have charged for gold, potions, etc... and added to the overly-crowded f2p market. Instead, they delivered a compelling experience, at a fair price. I love that with the way potions are implemented, I can happily use them to my heart's content, and not worry that I'm going to need to cough up 3 gems to buy one in the future.

    All in all, a masterpiece that will definitely take many hours to full explore. Easy 5 stars and my GotY so far, on ANY platform.

    • reweblind

      Hey buddy, i think i encountered that same bug at the level 3 mine hehe. Just exited myself when i realized i cudnt open the chests hehe. Il try again that mine later 🙂

    • piwakawaka

      I had the same problem in the Abandoned Mines - the last two chests were not able to be opened, although I know at least one *can* be opened as I did so on a previous attempt. I had to exit the Mine by backtracking.

      • piwakawaka

        "Abandoned Shaft" is the correct name. Upon returning to this level, the character portrait is non-responsive immediately.

  • makitango

    Mika Mobile has its own app folder on my iDevices. Their games are so polished, pure (never had any IAPs, balancing is incredibly thought-through and fair, you can even adjust the difficulty, that's how much control the devs want you to have) and even if I prefer their 2d style, their 3d attempt succeeded beautifully. If you had played any of their games in the past, you will instantly recognize their branding. And branding doesn't mean throwing around with stupid social media buttons, icon badges or stuff. They don't have any of that sh**. Not a single button is obsolete, they don't bug us with required internet connections, push notifications (not even for news), "like this app on the app store, and of course rate it with 5 stars" crap and the likes. Yup, you got me, I love them. And you will too, if you play one of their games. It makes you realize that graphics and design is never ever about running the latest Unreal engine. I hope Mika Mobile will never lose their way!
    Nice review and kudos to Eli for staying strong by rating that game by the 5-star system. ;D

  • Diaboliq

    Anyone ever interested in any RPG needs to buy this.. One of the most polished games ive played on iphone and definitely top 2 or 3 ive ever played on iphone. Youd be dumb to not spend the 5 and support this developer for the time they took to polish the game..


  • MacPlash

    I love this game, currently lvl 16 Dark Knight 🙂

  • Jack Chan

    First of all, if you are a RPG lover, don't even ask just skip your Starbucks coffee for one time and get this epic game; I can guarantee you that you will never in 9 worlds regret paying for this game.
    Second, I am not going to write about the game content because everything is well critiqued once again from this place. Instead, I just want people and Mikamobile to know how I feel as a long term gamer.
    This game just blew my mind. When wayward soul came out, I was already all like "thank goodness it's another year and we still have game designers that care about its games quality for smartphone." But then, after you played BH L, it will remind/enlighten you what a game that has a heart and soul is like. As a gamer for more than 10 years and a long time western RPG lover (skyrim NWN, DSeige 2, etc.), I am just so happy to see a game like this appear in the AppStore. Let alone the fact that most sequels fail to carry on their legacies, you just don't see games like this very often in today's IAP tainted AppStore (maybe once every year or two). But this gem is just so brilliant and so fascinating that I can figuratively feel the hearts and souls of the creators of this game as I play this. The fact that there is no IAP already proves mikamobile's confidence in the game abaolute quality. I am not even joking this game restored my faith in the game industry for mobile games and I certain hope the brilliant minds behind the BH series can continue to bless us which such fine quality gaming experience that is completely untainted by any kind of capitalistic strategy. Thank you Mikamobile!

  • CooleTeeps

    This game truly is awesome and has finally made me re-download the first one because I made the biggest mistake of my life when I deleted a long time ago for more space. ;(

  • JLelandW

    Does this game run on iPod touch 4g? That is the only reason I haven't bought this yet.

  • Alexythimia23


  • Alexythimia23

    God damn, just watched the trailer! Eli was bang on the money, and i agree with his skyrim remark lol but wow, this is just so epic, did not see this coming from mika, did not see this one coming at all! Too many beautiful games coming to ios, all from new developers, and all the time i moaned about wanting ports, well if this quality keeps up we dont need them lmao

  • bcredonk

    "je ne sais quoi" indeed!

  • Tanc24

    Funny, I was about to drop a hard earned $5 and finally buy FIFA14, but nope... I'm all over this game. Sorry EA! If you'd done a better job on the World Cup update you'd already have my money...

    Enough about fifa already! Here I come battle heart.

  • ste86uk

    Only about 7 hours in and just want more time in the day to play. It was so worth the wait : )

  • anteye5

    Well I'm sold now I'm gonna have to buy it thanks for the in depth review.

  • Jake7905

    Considering the size of Mika Studio's, this game is a massive achievement, as well as being a massive amount of fun.

    • Jake7905

      Mika Mobile, I meant.

  • Steven Reed

    Does anyone else not like the touch to go here on the screen controls? Is there a setting to have a lower left corner joystick/controls? Like Arcane Legends, etc. Thanks my only negative. Graphics are great!

    • Tommmy

      Same here, it feels like the game would've been better with d-pad, but eventually you just get used to the controls.

      • Steven Reed

        Thanks Tommmy, that's what I was trying to say, a d-pad!
        So far I haven't gotten used to the controls. Must be from playing Pocket Legends and Arcane Legends for years, I have that kind of kind stuck in my mind.

  • Neverdead315

    Please add a D-Pad!!!

    • Steven Reed

      That was my only complaint also!! I REALLY wish it had that or any option for control type.

    • CooleTeeps

      Yeah I would prefer a d-pad too but the touch to move controls are okay

  • Vestid

    Is GotY awarded to the best game or the most interesting/noteworthy? ;

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Doesn't really matter, people get really mad anyway.

      • tsargeant3012

        Because internet...

      • Vestid

        That makes me mad.

  • LarryWP

    In the tutorial it locks up. It tells me to drink the potion and after drinking all 5 the arrow is still pointing to the potion for me to drink. If there is a bug, dang sure I can find it. So I uninstalled it.

    iPad 4 with the latest iOS 7 version.

  • tsargeant3012

    Cheers for the review Eli! Really in depth, and made it a definite 'must buy' for me. Been looking for something to sink my teeth into now I finished the iOS port of FFVI and this looks to be a really nice change of pace, whilst still having plenty of depth.

  • redkins54

    Handles down, best game for the ipad, IMO, before the trolling starts. That being said, RPGs aren't even my favorite genre of games. Buy it now if you haven't already!!

  • JC85

    Very nice Eli, writing a review after you ve played this game for like 2 hours?

    • Galenmereth

      I've played it for 7 myself so far.

    • Superjimtendo

      Hey everyone, no need to search anymore; I found the buzzkill!

  • thiagovscoelho

    oh, it's an RPG? man, thanks for the warning. those screenshots don't exactly scream "turn based battle" you see

    • WoeOfAftermath

      Not turn based, battles are real time, FYI. Check out the trailer. Looks fun!

      • thiagovscoelho

        well that's not what I expect from reading "RPG", maybe "action RPG" or something. ah well thanks

      • Womble

        An ""action rpg"" is still an """"rpg"""".

      • thiagovscoelho

        still misleading

  • Ultima12

    Guess I'll have to give it a shot!!

  • Galenmereth

    Mika Mobile is the Blizzard of iOS in my book, in terms of polish and overall gameplay design. Battleheart Legacy is the first game since Battleheart I've played on my iPhone that I just can't stop playing. It makes the touchscreen an actually desireable control scheme over any alternative! It's simply incredibly fun and rewarding.

  • B-Rabbit

    Completely concur with Eli on this game! It's brilliant. I was bummed over not wanting to spend the cash on Record of Agarest War or on DQ8 (no matter how deserving) so I went with this and I am NOT disappointed! So far it's flawless. Get it now if you haven't already! :D.

  • youngjoon

    Thanks for the review. I loved the original but was kind of on the fence about the sequel until I read this. The depth looks amazing.

    I'm still pretty into Hearthstone at the moment so I'll wait a little while, but this is definitely on the list of games to get!

  • DaQuieTruth

    Game is great just don't be evil killing all the npc's. i'm a level 92 with all costumes legendary weapons and accessories from the Colosseum. As well as all abilities and skills mastered. Message me if you need inside info.

  • nini

    This is an entirely different game to Battleheart, only true similarities are the world it takes place so I don't feel it's a sequel but rather a new game within the Battleheart universe. That said, I do enjoy this game a great deal and though it'd have been cool to get more of the same it's good that Mikamobile decided to go full single player RPG.

    I guess in a way it makes Battleheart's linear progression seem uninteresting but I do miss the unique system that worked with, especially the party system which I really miss in Legacy. Still a 5 star game all the way but it's more like Battleheart's second cousin than its sibling.

  • bluspacecow

    *blinks* Wait. You guys only use your chosen class abilities?

    I don't. I buy a little of everything and mix it up.

    My class ? I'm a Fruit Salad 😛

  • rayray307

    I have been using touch arcade for a
    Long time now maybe over year, and I have never made an account for this site. Today I created an account only to tell you that this game is the best rpg iv played on my phone in awhile. The 4.99 price tag I feel is a bit much but Iv only invest about 8 hours so I haven't nearly hit the middle. Be careful there are a few bugs where the game freezes and shuts down but that is very rare Im running it on a iPhone 4 no s.

    • ste86uk

      Expensive? I believe it is very cheap for what you get. I'm 10 hours in and there's so much more to do yet. What else could you do for 10 hours of fun for that price?

    • Ultima12

      You're "8 hours in" and you're complaining about $5?!?!? This game should actually cost more. Obviously these guys worked really hard on this game and deserve a good payday.

  • robman84

    I run a mile from RPGs - never got into them (or, shock horror, Street Fighter) but I gave this a punt on the strength of your review and I love it!

  • daftman

    But, dang it, I'm still playing Wayward Souls!

  • teh_flame

    Solid game, lots of fun content. Though it could use a virtual D-pad as an option. Don't really enjoy tapping all over my iPad screen.

    • Themostunclean

      Virtual stick would not work for a number of specific class skills. Wizards teleport skill, for example, would be impossible without tap controls.

  • Goh Jun Ling

    Just a correction, and somewhat spoiler, some of the npc you meet in the wild, where some require you to not kill them, will be able to teach you skills, instead of just those in town

  • kurzz

    Does this game have controller support?

  • skoshu

    Neat game...too many crashes. They mostly seem to happen when lots of monsters are on screen.
    Playing on old mini...it runs really smooth for the most part but the crashes might be related to lack of ram...?
    To others getting crashes, are you running it on older hardware as well?
    I could get past them if it weren't for the lost progress. Attempting a dungeon 3 times in a row and getting crashes in between or near the end, resulting in zero recorded exp, is frustrating enough to make me stop playing for a bit.

    • JMan121314

      I know what you mean. I spent a while working through a hard dungeon with a low level character. I was too lazy to grind and level up. I worked through it slowly only to finally reach the end and the game crashed. This happened 2 times, I got so annoyed I almost threw my iPad. I got an iPad 3 and it crashes a lot! Though since some of the updates it has gotten better.

  • bradmcnally

    I love this game, the only things it needs is a quest log, I keep forgetting what I am supposed to be doing.

    • JMan121314

      Yeah, I agree, otherwise it's awesome

  • mamedesigor

    Just bought stone greatsword but cant use it. I was wondering if you guys knows what is the minimum requirements?

    • Pheebers

      In general if you look at the bottom of the screen for red items it will tell you what you need. STR 10, DEX 9, for example. There are some items that require an ability -- you need an ability to carry a shield, to wield two swords at once, to use colossal weapons, etc. These are skills you train for with the various masters. Hope that helps a bit!

  • Zenfar

    "each character slot has buttons that allow you to upload and download your current character to or from iCloud. This way, you can both use iCloud as a backup every once in a while, or use it to easily move your dudes back and forth between your iPhone and iPad"

    I think this is a great way to use iCloud, I also like having a save or pause button even for local saves.

  • Mobkah20

    How does this play on iPad 2?

  • Peter

    If only it properly saved state when you home-buttoned out of the game, instead of ONLY when you get to the map view... it would be perfect

Battleheart Legacy Reviewed by Eli Hodapp on . Rating: 5