If you don't cruise iTunes featuring on the reg', you might've missed a new feature that Apple is doing where the pull out a particularly great indie studio and both highlight their games as well as favorite games of the developers. Simogo was the first developer to do this, and we weren't entirely sure if it was going to be a one-off by Apple or a regular thing... But it'd seem we now have our answer. The star of the show this time around is Threes! [$2.99].


Given the 2048 drama, it's pretty great seeing Threes! getting a little extra love. Additionally, Apple points out the awesome Puzzlejuice [$1.99] as the other game made by Sirvo. They also cooked up a list of a dozen games that you can basically just blindly download as they're all fantastic:

I wonder who will be next for Apple's Indie Game Showcase?

  • spader623

    Good. As a highschool senior, I see lots of people with their phones playing games or stuff. And the number 1 game isn't threes. No... It's 2048. Every time I wanna just say LOOK, THREES IS AMAZING, DONT GET THAT RIPOFF FREE GAME. Alas, I can't. But I hope it gets more attention 🙂

    • marcanthony0313

      Because that's like paying for an app when you can get almost the same one for free. This is why no one buys stampede run or running with friends or whatever and just play temple run or minion rush.

      • spader623

        If people saw how charming threes was, I think they'd change their mind. Plus, people bought angry birds and cut the rope. It's only $1-2 more.

      • Jay G

        If you mean long loading times, and annoying voices every time you make a match, then yes, Threes is one charming m-f'in pig! (I just had to use this opportunity to slip a Pulp Fiction reference in)

      • rewind

        Angry birds became popular before freemium became popular. In today's market, the original Angry Birds wouldn't have had the same success.

      • Jake7905

        Either you haven't played Threes!, or you're just trolling for attention. 2048 is like Threes for Dummies, and if you've played 2048, and think that you've gotten Threes! for free, you'd be wrong. You can clone the body, but you can't clone the soul.

      • Mess

        I have both, and currently play 2048 more.

        It's a clone, yes. Is it easier than threes!, yes. Does that mean it's not a fun game, no.

      • dancj

        Yeah. I have both and personally I prefer Threes, but there's no denying that 2048 is a great game too.

        FWIW my wife prefers 2048

    • Darnoc

      Same EXACT thing at my school, I am only freshman though. They all play like Clash of Clans and say 2048 is their favorite game and when ever I come by with something new like Wayward Souls or Battleheart they are like wtf that looks retarted. They also said wayward souls graphics look like sh*t

      • Poo

        Those kids are dumba$$es.

      • spader623

        Welcome to highschool. Where today, some kid tried to get on the teachers computer and mess with the computers in class. It's no wonder so many of them play crap like 2048 and clash of clans.

      • Design by Adrian

        What? We've been messing with teachers' computers for ages! We hacked the Win 3.11 machines to be able to install more games on them, like Naked Wolfenstein 😀

  • ngajoe

    Hooray for Sirvo!
    Great to see them get some love. Both of their games are really great looking, sounding, and fun to play. Well deserved.

  • subshell001

    Glad to see 868-HACK getting featured then, finally.

  • mutts

    In what universe is Zenga

  • mutts

    In what universe is Zynga an indy developer!!!

    • Cevan7

      Learn to read. This is a list of some of Sirvo's favorite iOS games, not indie games.

    • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

      drop 7 is brilliant, and if you erase zynga from it, well damn good indie game!

    • Stormourner

      like duuuhhh!! Zynga is a publisher

  • thiagovscoelho

    their name is Sirvo? man I never even read that name. I knew they were Asher and Greg and BigGiantCircles because it says so in the game and in their twitters, but I didn't know they had a company name

  • vectorarchitekt

    I still love Drop 7!

  • TouchMint

    Its def cool to see 3s get some credit here =)

    The must have missed "Adventure To Fate" I am sure it will be on the next one tho =) haha.

  • thiagovscoelho

    The list is different here! Monument Valley, FTL, Drop7, Fingle, 868-HACK, Spaceteam, Blackbar, Blek, rymdkapsel and English Country Tune

  • gmattergames

    Just reward for this truly innovative game, I'm sure this will ease the sting of the me-too apps that slid in and sapped its initial sales potential.

  • MasonHurst

    Drop 7 WAS an indy game... It's so good it even survives being published by Zenga.

    Seriously if you like threes and games like that you'll love Drop 7. The gameplay mechanic really doesn't get old.

    • Phoenix24

      Agreed. Drop7 (the original version) has been on my iPhone for about 5 years. Still play it regularly as the gameplay is so simple, but massively addictive.

      If the makers of Threes had made Drop7, it would probably be the best puzzle game in the world

    • countBasil

      Eighty-eight is better. Check it out!

      • Tapioca

        Eighty-eight is way more polished indeed…
        The "bomb" feature and the "half-unlocked" number display, alone, make the game less frustrating and add a layer of strategy to the gameplay.
        Drop7's still a goof game but having the screen almost filled when excavating only ones and two's can get irritating. Bad luck is Drop7's best friend.

  • Stormourner

    that's more like it, apple!! in your face, cloners =P

    well gentlements I'm afraid there's another headache this time is about a person stealing the quotes from Threes! and of course it's a clone, it's called Seven New Teen Style. the people dowloading Seven New Teen Style are fooled by the stolen quotes

  • ashgwin

    Monument Valley is definitely not indie.