Apple Posts New Indie Game Showcase Featuring ‘Threes!’

If you don’t cruise iTunes featuring on the reg’, you might’ve missed a new feature that Apple is doing where the pull out a particularly great indie studio and both highlight their games as well as favorite games of the developers. Simogo was the first developer to do this, and we weren’t entirely sure if it was going to be a one-off by Apple or a regular thing… But it’d seem we now have our answer. The star of the show this time around is Threes! ($5.99).


Given the 2048 drama, it’s pretty great seeing Threes! getting a little extra love. Additionally, Apple points out the awesome Puzzlejuice ($1.99) as the other game made by Sirvo. They also cooked up a list of a dozen games that you can basically just blindly download as they’re all fantastic:

I wonder who will be next for Apple’s Indie Game Showcase?