Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is easily one of the most anticipated "next-gen" titles to hit this year, and like you do these days, they've got a companion app along side the game ready for launch. It's called ctOS Mobile [Free] and you don't even need Watch Dogs to fiddle with it.

The core of the game slash app slash whatever you want to call it is for mobile players to play against PC/console players and vice versa. In either race or free ride modes, the person playing Watch Dogs proper races around avoiding obstacles. Where do these obstacles come from? The ctOS Mobile player who "hacks" in to the city and views a top-down map where they can do things like dispatch police, send an attack helicopter, and set up other various obstacles.


You'll need a Uplay account to play, and using the Uplay system you can play with friends or total internet strangers. Cooler yet, this is all totally cross platform so you can be playing ctOS Mobile with people playing on any platform Watch Dogs is available on. Additionally, both Watch Dogs and ctOS Mobile have their own in-game progression systems that piggy back off each other in subtle ways, so to get the full Watch Dogs experience you're going to need to at least dabble in the mobile side.

  • OrangeJews

    No iTouch support? I'm baffled.

  • MaqueGenio

    As a person that has lost interest for consolepc gaming since Quake 3 era and do all the gaming stuff on mobile , all i have to say about the wave of companion scraps is a big YAWN

    • http://www.electronicalmonocle.com dave birney (monoelectron)

      i lost interest years ago as well. like ps1 years ago. sold everything off and havnt bother with gaming since. but watch dogs is one the reason im after building myself a new computer again. just waiting for my motherboard to arrive in the post now and im all set. but fuck it sure if watch dogs doesnt live up to all the hype theres always the division next year

  • Devok

    Is this watch dogs going to be on ios? Can't wait, wonder how graphics will be like?

  • http://www.mnatives.com/ pramod kumar

    This i really great feature. The first phone that can detect health conditions.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Well, it does work. Tested it out yesterday. It does not add much to the game itself. But if you're like some people who have many friends on console friend lists and if like to play games together with them then the app is probably a good thing. I think you can be playing another game or have the console off but the app will alert if a friend is online and playing Watch Dogs.
    The game is well made and has a lot of humor. But it is not for people who are tired of GTA style games.

  • Zeek

    Redeem codes, what are they for, and how do I get more information on them?(literally no search results)