BntAgSBIMAAM7VmVietnamese indie developer Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird and the entire Flappy phenomenon has mentioned he's been working on a new game for a while now. A few moments ago, he tweeted an image from the game which at first glance appears like it might be some kind of runner?

Dong's other two games, Shuriken Block [Free] and Super Ball Juggling [Free] are similarly high-scoring super-difficult retry-for-eternity games, so it'd make sense that his new game is in the same vein.

What I do know, is that after meeting Dong Nguyen at GDC, the dude is just like any other spirited indie developer and just wants to make awesome games. That's a drive I can get behind, and a reason to get excited for this one... Regardless of whether or not it can capture the Flappy magic.

Oh, and he mentions, the latest Flappy knock off on the App Store (Which is similarly listed under a duplicate entry for his name.) isn't real. We'll be waiting a while still for the return of Flappy Bird.

  • CkX82

    I poop too much.

    • London-SV

      And then I get tired, neh-heh.

  • Jake7905

    The App Store is a curious thing...... Flappy Bird's popularity was a trick, a shadow on the wall, and it proves that a very tiny game can cast a very large shadow.

    • Jason Mate

      trying to pull a Tyrion Lannister?? really??

      • Cookies

        I believe it's called a 'reference.' All the kids are doing it these days.

  • lr1919

    This guy is either a nutjob or a marketing genius.

    • Cookies

      It's odd how often those two things coincide.

  • Smaug

    What makes his games so special? The game in the screenshot doesn't look very good either lol.

  • coolpepper43

    Like a phoenix, the flappy has risen once again... then hit a huge pipe from Super Mario Bros.

  • Deixa

    There's nothing wrong with flappy bird. Only reason why we hate it so much is because is was the only thing that was talked about for weeks and weeks and cloned to hell.
    What annoys me is that there are so many games that don't get recognised that are quite good and no one will ever know it exist because of the thousands of clones that people would rather download. Getting your app known these days is just down to pure luck

    • Leeabe51

      If you say so. I read numerous gaming sites and never heard mention of it. I only learned of Flappy because of TA (I tend to ignore the free store). Didn't know anyone who played it until I talked to high school aged family.

      I hate Flappy Bird because it doesn't deserve the attention it gets here. There are so many better games worthy of this amount of attention.

      • Deixa

        You must live in a cave then

      • Leeabe51

        Nope, gaming sites didn't talk about it. They tend to ignore time wasters and talk about games. Sure after the craze of its removal everyone was talking about it because of how odd it was. As a game? There wasn't much to say about it. These free games are a dime a dozen.

      • Cookies

        Actually they're free, so you don't even need a dime to get a dozen of them.

    • sirbond

      Well said I still find old games today that was never noticed much and flappy birds well took off and it was the most stupid thing ever In my eyes lol... I really don't care for the fame it's getting I mean I'm only here to play fun games I like so I just ignore the attention it gets but like u said it's a little sad most awesome games never get noticed as much

  • Alexythimia23

    What ever happen to hodappy bird!? Lol did it get any where near 20 downloads? Lol just teasing! But yeah he might be a high spirited dev, but his games are pretty poor, so i think he needs to get some more spirit, cus he could probably come out with a talented game. Flappy bird aside, as he did create something new with that so credit where its due, but for me his games so far have been really bad, like play 5 mins then delete it forever!

  • Boris Nguetie

    i'm not a flappy bird hater this really worth mentionning? i mean the guy just made a random time waster that just happened to go viral. he just seems to me like a terrible but lucky dev and i'm happy he succeeded...but pushing it to the level where he already gets to post 8-bit screenshots on twitter and be backed up building anticipation by toucharcade or IGN (as i'm sure they'll soon post a video about this), ..... thats just crazy!!

    • Jared Nelson

      You cared enough to comment so I guess it was worth mentioning.

      • atmmta

        That does not sound right to me. Just because someone comments on a story does not make it newsworthy. Personally I hate when media outlets generate non-newsworthy stories on a slow day for the sake of it. If you have nothing to say, say nothing!

        A good example of this crap was pointed out by Jon Stewart. He noted that CNN was reporting that new debris was found in the ocean, "find out after the break if it's from MH370", SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't.

        P.S. I think the news is newsworthy and worthy of coverage on this news site.

      • Leeabe51

        Faulty logic. It's providing negative feedback to a website he likes.

      • Jared Nelson

        I didn't take that as negative feedback, how did you come to that conclusion? He was asking if it was newsworthy and the answer is: yes it is.

      • Leeabe51

        He was a questioning why you would would make a news post out of something he doesn't consider news. Questioning the staff's decision is a type of negative feedback. Your reply in this thread and others shows that you took the comment as negative as well since you tried to turn the tables. Of course TA loves that Flappy Bird stories gets lots of comments, negative or otherwise, so I guess we are just feeding the sites love of this game and it's designer.

      • Boris Nguetie

        Honestly man....i don't event understand the logic of your comment. Lets just say this is more me being surprised than caring about dong nguyen's next project. as crazy as this might sound i actually don't think the game will be good, but this isn't what my post was about.

      • Jared Nelson

        Well the entire internet is click-driven, so if something doesn't interest you or you think it's not newsworthy the best thing you can do is not click on it 🙂

      • CkX82

        I once had a dream a cheeseburger was eating ME!

      • Kane

        You must eat cheeseburgers regularly

      • Cookies

        You keep saying that, but taking the time to comment on a website you do care about doesn't actually say anything about the particular story.

    • Slothwerks

      That's how fame works though. Once you're "famous" people are curious about what you're doing. Yes it's true -- no one would pay attention to this particular screenshot if it came from most smaller developers. However, the fact that you clicked and commented on this article vs. the dozens of others on the page means that people ARE interested in what Dong does.

      That's what makes it newsworthy.

      • Boris Nguetie

        Ok i get get what you say. Thought i should let you know that if this article was about an unknown chinese dev (random example) who tweeted this same picture, teasing his ios project, i would still have commented out of surprise as for why it is mentionned.

    • Tommmy

      Of course it's not. This guy is just a whiner and attention whore.

      • Bradb13

        I don't see how.... He made a game, and it got popular. So then he took it off of the app store because it was so addictive, and now he's making it LESS ADDICTIVE and putting it back....... Say what you will about him, but I believe he likes making video games...

    • Bradb13

      You do realize that this a smart-phone sight, and Flappy Bird is a smart-phone app, right?

      • Boris Nguetie

        Hum... Yeah....? I do realize that

      • Bradb13

        Well then why are you asking if it's newsworthy? It's a smart-phone game, and this is a smart-phone..... So yes, it is newsworthy, especially considering the popularity of the game.

  • lll Anubis lll

    We should all make our own simple games. Mine is going to be a staring contest which utilizes the front camera so you compete against yourself. First person to win gets a $50 iTunes card.

    • collider

      That's a good game idea. I'll be the first to clone it.

  • theryanlilo

    Flappy Bird fans remind me of Twilight fans... You know just because something is a popular moneymaker does not make it good. People continue to use their minds less and less.

    • Bradb13

      People enjoy it, so to them it's good.

  • bcredonk

    Hooray! Dong is still at it

  • robman84

    I like the look of the little character. Could have some nice animation. Anyone know if it is original or "borrowed"/"influenced" by another character?

  • xzeldax3

    Looks like a Canabalt-style game (jumping into the office buildings).


    ~ I think this game maybe is next flappy brid or 2048 or don't tap the……


    I think this game maybe is next flappy brid or 2048 or don't tap the……

  • Design by Adrian

    So he made a shit, yet to some easily entertained, adducing iCopter clone, and how he will ruin the image of Canabalt too?

  • Phil_Lapineau

    Not surprised by the bitterness of typical internet trolls who are simply jealous of one indie developer's good fortune. They should be inspired instead of jaded that such simplicity can still be viable in the supersaturated mobile gaming space.

  • thiagovscoelho