Fans of strategy simulation games on the PC are likely familiar with the Anno series, which originally started way back in 1998 and has spawned around half a dozen entries in the years since. Today Ubisoft has announced an original entry in the series built specifically for the iPad is in production called Anno: Build an Empire. Like other games in the series, you'll start out with colonizing an uninhabited island from the ground up, harvesting necessary resources and building the foundations of a civilization. Eventually you'll have multiple colonized islands under your control, and will also have to manage trade routes between them. Here are a few screens from the iPad version.


ABE_EN_City03_1399367610 ABE_EN_InventoryEconomy_1399367614

Technically, this isn't the first Anno game on iOS, as Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery (known simply as Dawn of Discovery in North America) was a Nintendo DS spinoff of the PC series, which led to an iOS spinoff called Dawn of Discovery - Harbor [$2.99]. So, a spinoff of a spinoff. But this'll be the first time a full, proper Anno game has graced the iPad, and given the series' pedigree, it should offer a deep, strategic city-building experience for fans of the genre. Ubisoft says Anno: Build an Empire will be available "soon" so we'll be sure to let you know when that is.

  • Bawa

    Looking at the screens I'm worried it will be as crappy as the Anno Online (prolly same studio is responsible, since they took F2P/Mobile approach after being bought by Ubishat). I'm a huge Anno since 1602 and I would bet money that it would fail as being another IAP filled waitORbuy game.

    • spader623

      It is free to play. They just haven't updated the article yet.

      • Design by Adrian

        So, a failure then.

      • HelperMonkey

        Unless you're talking profit margin...

    • visualplayer

      Grr-I was interested in Anno! How does the online F2P work? Prob wont buy this if it's F2P-that kind of stuff never works with my schedule.

      • spader623

        No clue. I just read on some other article that ubisoft confirmed it was free to play. I'm guessing timers and currency's.

      • Bawa

        Anno Online is filled with timers so much it kills the game completely. In mid-game you have to wait few days(!) to explore a piece of land on your island.
        Anno is a slow, city-building, economic game but they just took a step to far.

      • visualplayer

        Then the wait continues. Simcity sucks and is buggy. Most other city simulators are on rails of some sort. When will we see a good ios city simulator?

      • Guest

        Heck, even the official (latest) SImCity sucks πŸ˜‰

      • visualplayer

        Yes-they havent fixed the water bug and a few others.

  • Aventador

    Please don't be F2P Anno name deserves better

  • Spaztika

    I loved the Anno series a bunch! I really hope this doesn't end up like Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    • Geertyy

      Probably will, looking at those screenshots...

  • gquiller

    Those screens scream IAP & possibly dual currencies - ugh!!!

    • Bawa

      Yup, and the "Return home" button at the bottom is displayed because you are visiting AI/other player's island - same as Anno Online πŸ™ Looks like direct port of it.

  • JC85

    There is a premium currency, so im not sure about this.

  • Der-Kleine

    But is it a game? Can you loose?

    • Design by Adrian

      You can lose money.

  • B30

    Gold coins and red diamonds, so this one is to avoid.

    • Stormourner

      silence is gold and diamonds are forever

  • thematrixx

    Not until we the consumer refuse to support "freemium" games the developers will continue to put crap out! Hate those damn gold coins crap games...sheesh

    • Stormourner

      what about those who are new to Anno series? the new people will support this freemium game and there's nothing you can do about them

  • ikmalmn

    What Nerdcube said was right....

    Game companies are just using old famous games to attract those old people to play it since most people who play mobile games are young child's and thus...


    • Design by Adrian

      Surely us older gamers should be more intelligent than get lured into these games? Wisdow should come with age πŸ™‚

  • Cookies

    This is very cool, but not an adequate replacement for the years I put into building a world in We Rule (note that I said building rather than play, because it wasn't about the timers or having a million of the best building).

  • fazered

    Ok do this looks like it will be a bust. Is there a similar city builder game for ipad that's really worth playing?