Sword of Fargoal 2 had a successful Kickstarter that concluded in late 2012. Like most Kickstarters these days, it seems like development of the game has taken much, much longer than most backers expect (per comments, anyway) but that problem hopefully will be remedied with the addition of a new developer working on the project. As far as when it's coming, here's what they have to say:

We don't have a specific release date that we can announce, but we can say that our goals are aggressive, and we hope to bring the game to you this year for sure in a 1.0 form, and in as few months as possible.

To thank backers for their patience, they're making the original Sword of Fargoal [$1.99] free for the next three days. Everyone should really grab this game, as I've played a ton of roguelikes but for whatever reason always find myself going back to Fargoal. If you need additional convincing, here is our ancient review.

  • defunct32

    Thanks for the heads up, Eli!

  • Hiraether

    Get it! Worth paying for. Better than when I was young..

  • TrencH

    Well finally some more news! I backed that game a long time ago and it seems it has been delayed for going on a year.

    I can say Fargoal is by far my favorite of the roguelikes (and I try all of them that I see)

    I am very much looking forward to more dungeon exploration!

  • JCho133

    I wonder if Super Secret Fargoal Project X is still coming

  • sakara214ever

    Good for those with an iPhone 4 or lower model.

  • CzechCongo

    "To thank backers for their patience"? What backer of Sword of Fargoal 2 hadn't already purchased Sword of Fargoal?

  • Nycteris

    I am a terrible person, but I like this game more than Wayward Souls, so far.

    • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

      No, same for me. Wayward is great casual fun. But I spent weeks and weeks playing Fargoal, much deeper experience for me.

  • BaltimoreDave

    Fargoal is great. Get it.
    As a supporter of the Kickstarter all I can say is have no faith in leadership of this project. Delays, no communication, lame brain schemes to use the money we gave to do a Steam port first even though that platform did no exist when he started this Kickstarter. Seems hard to believe that the sequel could be that much harder given so much was already in place.

  • gmattergames

    I questioned the likelihood of the initial SoFG2 effort ever being completed. I recall most of the initial feedback on the dev blog/forum came from the devs wife, and I don't recall them indicating any specific development progress, mostly reasons why there was no progress.

    • gmattergames

      Not to take away from the brilliant effort that was SoFG or the c64 original, utmost respect.

  • gmattergames

    FYI - just realized, only the iPhone version is free, guess with Chillingo owning the iPad version, Madgarden (Fargoal) couldn't offer the HD version for free. Kinda insult-to-injury for the KS backers who already feel the free offer is a hollow gesture.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Excellent game. Get free Fargoal and enjoy!