Warhammer Quest [$2.99] is one hell of a game. We loved it in our review, and since then the game has seen a steady trickle of tweaks, fixes, and additional content squeezed in. It even went free earlier this month, so there's likely a whole lot of people out there who have this game chilling on their device.

This weekend they dropped the price of every IAP item in the game to 99¢. There's quiet a few characters, quests, tile sets, and other stuff to unlock so if you want to fill out your collection of stuff, prepare to drop some coin.

Short of Rodeo Games totally reworking Warhammer Quest to remove the IAP items, which seems incredibly unlikely, this is the cheapest this stuff is probably going to get. The only real criticism our forum community has had of the game is that the IAP could be a little on the expensive side, particularly if you want to unlock multiple things. While this sale is rolling, that isn't the case anymore.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    I took advantage of all the sales. Very happy I did so: game for free and all IAP's for 15.13€ in total 🙂

    • MrMojoRisin

      I paid just about as much (in USD), since i bought the game at launch, and just got all the non-weapon iap during the sale. Still a great deal!

  • Laethaka

    $12 to unlock a full mobile game is still too expensive

    • TrencH

      Why? Because it's not a disk or a cartridge? I have seen games on Vita and 3DS that have much less content and cost 30-40 bucks to buy.

      I think that looking at all games on a iphone and saying they should be cheaper are nearing it's end.

      Mobile phones have seriously narrowed the gap in what it can do when compared to dedicated handheld video gaming devices. Even the line in PC gaming and set top boxes are blurring and we are also getting more things like steam boxes.

      Just think what phone games looked like 3-4 years ago and it's just amazing.

      Quality and content is what price should be measured by.

      Are there lots of games making you waste money on consumable crap and are some games charging too much for very little? Yes they are but the amount of content in this game you can buy is crazy...there is lots to get and you can choose to get just what you want or get all of it if you really like the game.

      The prices of all the extra content of a top rated and great playing game dropped to just a dollar and that is awesome. The game was even free for awhile.

      If these guys don't get something for a the work they did how do you expect them to release a paid game again and not go the route of freemium?

      How would we like it if this game was structured like the MMO Ultima that was releases months ago.

      Makes me wince thinking about it. Wait to play and pay for a chance at anything good in game.

      We have to watch out for games that try to continually peel us from our coin but let's not be stingy with effort and a quality game. Give these types of guys a reason to make another game we will enjoy with the more appropriate pay structure!

      • TrencH

        Sorry for wall of text. I should have chopped that up into bites and I have no clue what happened with the lack of space after the periods. Bleh..

      • ZarieoZ

        I think something is wrong with the app. My comment was condensed as well.

      • thematrixx

        Sorry but I would rather pay a premium price up front and know Im done! I refuse to purchase any product that has IAPs unless its for expansion of existing game(Battle of the Bulge comes to mind) There is no problem with developers charging $10 or more if the game warrants it but in most cases IAPs are simply a case of greed IMO. Im sure I have missed out on some good games but will continue to boycott anything IAP!

      • Jake7905

        You're clueless. Warhammer's IAPs ARE an expansion to the existing game. Also know as DLC. When it comes to facts, you're no Joe Friday.

      • Larni69

        I think it is fair to say that this game warrants spending a couple of quid on. If you do not care for the game, fair enough but how is paying 10 bucks for an expansion for BoB any different from spending the same amount for expansions on this game?

  • Laethaka

    $12 for a full mobile game is still too expensive. I'll wait for DLC bundles + a sale

    • MrMojoRisin

      I hope you are joking.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      The sale is this, and I disagree with being too expensive. XCom, Warhammer, FTL... Just because you can play these games on the iPhone/iPad it doesn't mean that they are "mobile" as the old java games or Nokia's snake...

  • rpgmind


  • Gamer1st

    I have Diablo 3 on PC and have this as well from when it went free, but is there a reason to pick up any of the IAP to add to this?
    What are the best of the IAPs for this?

    • chamillion205

      I bout everything except the extra weapons and enemy packs. I did buy the levels and playable characters

      • ZarieoZ

        Why would you get the Witch Hunter if he's only playable with the vampire enemy packs. Or did I misunderstand, is he playable elsewhere?

      • Larni69

        One can play the Witch Hunter without the expansions. He's that good.

      • ZarieoZ

        Great to know. I really thought he can't.
        Today someone posted a link on the forum to some guide on another site, and what I understood from that link is that the witch hunter is really useful and the best when fighting the undead, but really not useful in regular combat. Also it said that he's melee attack is a lot more powerful & useful that his gun.

    • CooleTeeps

      I think the only things worth buying are the 'Region & Enemy Packs' which are The Brutal Tribe and The Hidden Threat.

  • TrencH

    I have been thinking about buying the added stuff for a awhile and when I saw they dropped the price on everything I saw my chance and went into the game and cleaned them out. Bought it all!

    Looking forward to messing around with this game on my iPad mini.

  • armilla

    Really grateful for this sale; I was initially turned off by the IAP pricing for a game I otherwise loved, but because of the sale my interest has been revitalized. Thanks Rodeo!

  • Bischi777

    I boght everything (apart from the weapons) for full price and it was still wirth it. So buy it if you haven't allready, this is one of the finest ios games available imho.

  • Psac42

    Of course I just bought the two extra lands and two characters for $16 total last week. However, since I only paid 99c for the game, in all $17 isn't too bad for a super high quality game.

    Tempted for the weapons, but in principal I don't like IAP that actually helps you in the game. I have seemingly hit a wall though with gold, it's gotten very hard to level up.

  • ZarieoZ

    I would really appreciate if someone who played would recommend curtain characters. Was waiting for TA to mention the IAP drop hoping they would do that. I got the 2 expansion packs but I heard some characters aren't really good. So would appreciate some help, I have my eyes on the shadow warrior though 🙂

    Oh & what's with the original grey wizard... Man that guy is awful. I have all characters upgraded to level 3 & 4.... This dude isn't even halfway to completing level one. Lol I'm debating not taking him with me again, feels like I'm dragging him along

    • bobehm

      I really like the priest. He brings a lot of healing potential to the team with that ring and a prayer you get as you level.

      • ZarieoZ

        Oh weird. My head is gonna explode from the opposing opinions I read everywhere lol O.o

        I heard the priest, Archmage & the ogre are the worst options.... With some debate about the last one. But my research yield 😉 that most people are I favor of Shadow warrior & Bright wizard. While the Troll slayer is mostly said to be a good alternative to the 2 melee guys we get by default, but not much difference.

    • isana

      Maybe it's with because of your play style. I sometimes have to hold myself back from giving the grey wizard most of the kills per dungeon. His AoE attack kills most of the 2-4 HP monsters that are clumped up together.

      • ZarieoZ

        The point is he never have his magic abilities available, they were always dimmed. So I end up using him for one melee attack, I've read the entire journey but couldn't find anything to hint at what I'm doing wrong, even thought about retiring him & starting clean but guess what he's the only one who doesn't have retiring option available :-/

        Also what are your favorite characters from the paid ones?

  • DemoEvolved

    I own the game but never played it
    Can we get a top 5 of the iap stuff that's really the best? A ta article would help a lot here

    • rpgmind

      Everything except the weapons. If you enjoy the core game, it just adds way more diversity, fun, etc etc

      • DemoEvolved

        How many character types in the base game?

      • PerfectTommy

        4 core characters. I bought all non weapon ISP

    • ZarieoZ

      Yeah I second that. I'd really like to know which characters are best to get??

  • CooleTeeps

    I think it's stupid that it's usually $4.99 and the IAPs are usually $2.99 or something. Awesome game though and I bought the two expansion packs over the weekend!

    • Jake7905

      It was a little pricey, but hardly stupid on the devs part.

  • Larni69

    It really is one hell of a deal. I thought they were worth it at full price. This is a steal.

  • Tim Jordan

    So how do these legendary weapons work?

    -Are they better than anything I could find in-game? To me this would then take out one of the funnest aspect of the game trying to scrounge together the best gear from my runs.
    -If playing Ironman, what happens to the purchased weapons when the assigned character dies?

    • ZarieoZ

      From what I've read around, you will I fact find more powerful weapons than legendary ones through playing. Also what I understood from the forum & rodeo Facebook account is that most people were angry cause they lost the legendary weapons when the characters died on hardcore, but nobody mentioned trying to restore purchases & seeing if it'll be back.

      Anyway, I don't have those weapons so can't confirm anything, this is just what I read around.

  • Attila Borborygmi

    Amazing. Bought 4 new characters all new DLC areas. I almost forgot I had this game installed on my iPad!

  • Professionalbum

    Anyone have an idea when this IAP sale will end?

    • ZarieoZ

      It was supposed to be 48 hours only (through the weekend) but it is still on. I don't know why, but you should get what you want now, cause it passed its time & is changeable any moment. I bought The two expansion packs cause I was sure about them but still can't choose which characters to get, specially when we don't get to try them first to see if they'll fit our play style.

  • PerfectTommy

    The weapons don't interest me, but everything else has been purchased and enjoyed! Definitely worth the full price let alone the sale! Go sale!

  • Reckall

    ...And of course I forked full price for the whole bunch three days ago...