Alright, so admittedly this FTL: Faster Than Light [$9.99 (HD)] tip would've been way more useful about a month ago when the game launch and we reviewed it... But, hey, better late than never. As posted on the Gaming side of Stack Exchange, transferring your Mac/PC save file in to the iPad game is as easy as finding the right save file on your computer, using iFunBox on Windows or iExplorer on Mac, and putting it in the right spot.

Since the save files are fully compatible, you can just move them around as long as you put them in the right location. Head over to Stack Exchange for the full explanation, directory structure, and more. The only tricky part of this all is figuring out which you want to be your "main" FTL save. I'm in this annoying spot right now where I have distinctly different unlocks on both my iPad and PC... Now to scour Stack Exchange for a way to merge save files, then we'd really be talking.

Thanks, SynthOrange!

  • JJE McManus

    Save file hacking goes full on wholesale nuts in 3…2…1…

    • Eli Hodapp

      There's a pretty extensive save file modding scene- I'd ~think~ most of these things would work?

      This sort of stuff is the same thing folks did for those crazy GTA save files.

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        Devs said that savegames were not compatible between PC/Mac and iPad. Maybe it was just because of having to change the name of the file? :-/ I remember that with SW: KOTOR for iPad people tampered with language translations from the PC version which weren't supposedly compatible with iPad, but they worked just fine with minor gfx glitches (text on top of selectable options, for example).

        With FTL, to be completely sure of compatibility, I guess it would be as simple as comparing two clean save files of the iPad and PC versions and see if they are identical. I'll have to check those savegame modding tutorials to see how it goes. Next step: ship modding!!! 😀

      • JJE McManus

        But, at the risk of being a skunk at a lawn party may I cite one of our favorite apps : Game Center.
        Know anyone outside of a total naïf that trusts the leaderboards?
        As likely it is that a Mod appears that expands the game, it is as likely to be Hacked into a state where you can't lose with the phatest loot. Perma death will go the way of the dodo.

  • DAiv Games

    That's good to know. The next step would be to set up a global cloud save across all formats.

    • Wizard of Odyssey

      Wouldn't that be nice? Seems like Dropbox or Google Play could work for that, because iCloud wouldn't be cross-platform with the Windows version.

      • Slothwerks

        This is really difficult to do, because there isn't a one-size-fits-all syncing solution between platforms.

        But yes, this would be the Holy Grail of syncing

      • DAiv Games

        If the dev has their own server, they could create their own solution.

        By having each player create a unique id which they'd use to sign in on each device, they could use that to index into a bespoke database to store and retrieve save games.

        As long as the data is encoded in a machine-independent format, it could be written to and read from on any device.

        Of course, all of this would take some work and resources to set up and maintain, but technically it should be possible.

  • thiagovscoelho

    by the time you've done that you'll have played long enough to die on that file, trust me on this one; also I really hope people don't do this to keep restoring their game because that kind of cheats the purpose

  • Jason


    • sure_man_ok

      Tbh, the portability alone makes the price tag totally worth it.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        Yeah, I would have paid more.

  • anabolicMike

    Um so today I was playing around on my tablet, pretty much just for poops and guffaws. Anyway, did a search for something, I think it was turn based or something, and guess what popped up? Baldur's Gate. Yes. Sometime, no idea when, Beamdog slid this onto the play store. Why am I saying this to a

    • anabolicMike

      Why am I saint this on an apple website? Seeing how my tablet is android. Because im so excited I can't keep my hands out of my pants. I wish there was an app for Android games and news like there is for iOS. Yes. Android needs a touch arcade app badly!