If you don't remember our TA Plays video from way back when on Sidekick Cycle [Free], here's the idea behind the game: The Global Gaming Initiative built Sidekick Cycle with the idea being a large portion of the money that the game earned would go directly to buying kids in need bikes.

Now, I think most of us fully expected the rest of the story to be something along the lines of how the game didn't do well, they didn't donate any bikes, and the whole thing sort of fell into obscurity, right? Turns out, that's not actually the case. They've given away over 100 bikes so far, and 40 are being given away at the Games for Change Festival in NYC. Additionally, the game has even been updated with new stuff, and there's been a new trailer released:

Global Gaming Initiative has plans to release a bunch of other charity-centric games this year as well. While Sidekick Cycle hasn't necessarily been an insane success with thousands of bikes given away, it's still pretty cool that they've shown that this sort of things can work, and giving away a couple hundred bikes is way better than giving away no bikes.

  • Holcman

    Cool, glad that it worked out!

  • NOEN

    Good story. I'm glad they kept up on their end of the deal. I had forgot all about that game. It was "ok" from what I remember. I'll have to reinstall it and see how it is now with the update.

  • Chris Brady

    I love stories like this. Makes me feel good.

  • bcredonk

    Awesome idea

  • Bradb13

    Oh my goodness! They're buying kids in need of bikes?!

    • Himanshu Modi

      haha... that is absolutely hilarious sentence construction. Someone needs to quickly edit the article!

      • Bradb13

        What?! There's nothing funny about buying kids that need bikes!

      • Himanshu Modi

        The sentence should be "They're buying bikes for kids who need them." Or something else. The current sentence construction is wrong because it makes it sound as its the kids who are being bought.

      • Bradb13

        I know... I was joking.

        Sorry Eli!

  • JCho133

    Yeah! Go bikes!