Posted in our forums over this past weekend, Warbits is an upcoming strategy title that urges humanity to settle their differences not through violence, but through combat on a virtual battlefield. Its inspiration can be clearly seen: this is an homage to Advance Wars through and through. But, it certainly doesn't appear to be a straight up clone, and differentiates itself in at least a couple of ways. First, battles happen in real-time on the overhead map, rather than switching over to a side-by-side battle scene. Seems more streamlined, and I like that. Warbits also has a pretty unique look, which you can see accompanied by an awesome soundtrack in this trailer.

In addition to a single-player campaign, Warbits will feature both local and online multiplayer through Game Center. Multiplayer supports up to four players and can be played in teams or free for all.Warbits is a project of the two-person studio Risky Lab, and being a small operation it's hard to peg down a specific date for when the game will be complete. But according to Risky Lab's website, they'll "be done real soon otherwise our wives will probably leave us." That sounds like stellar motivation to me, so keep an eye out for Warbits to hit the App Store at some point in the future at a price of $2.99, and don't forget to jump into the discussion in our forums.

  • Boris Nguetie

    freakin' misleading thumbnails

    • eponym

      I think it's meant as an homage to '80s and '90s booklet artwork.

  • Mark DeNardo

    Art looks great

  • Slothwerks

    Been following this one for a while on Twitter, can't wait to try this out. The art style is brilliant!

  • jmasin

    I,ve got gba4ios just to play advance wars. So... That's awesome news.

  • B30


  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Looks kinda cool!

  • Siveon

    Heart skipped a beat with the mention of "real-time", thought it was an RTS.

    Though I've seen a few Advance Wars clones, let's see a Fire Emblem knock-off as well!

    • HelperMonkey

      I'm with you on those. And how about a port of Shining Force II?

      • Siveon

        Not bad, though I'm partial to ports. Same reason I don't emulate, unless I get a controller it always feels off. Regret buying Secret of Mana for that reason.

  • jar0d


  • mclifford82

    Looks great. I wonder what the temperature will have to do with the maps.

  • anabolicMike

    It's like Studio Pango made advanced wars lol. Course my daughter loves "pingo Pango". That's what she calls Pango Playground. It's actually pretty awesome art if you ask me