aurologoAuro is a turn-based tactics game about, well, pushing monsters out of their hexagonally-tiled dungeon and into a huge underground lake. It's also the new project from Dinofarm games and designer Keith Burgun, not to be confused with another Auro [Free (HD)], which is a steampunk puzzle game.

In any case, Burgun's Auro will be released on the App Store on July 1, according to a new post on the Dinofarm blog.

Dinofarm's previous game was 100 Rogues [$2.99], and Burgun was the lead designer for Crazy Monkey Studios' Empire [$2.99]. We liked both of those games very much, so it's nice to finally hear tell of a new project.

The titular Auro has access to nine different spells (in three different skill trees), as do the rats, bats, and demon imps he'll be fighting against. Auro's real hook is in figuring out how these various spells and skills interact with each other. Judging by the beta footage below, for example, Auro's ice spells make the dungeon floor slippery, which makes it easier to push heavier brutes to their watery deaths.

It's tempting to look at Auro as a Hoplite derivative, but Douglas Crawley's game (which we also liked) was made in a week in March 2013, as part of the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. Auro, on the other hand, has been in development since at least late 2011, per a thread on our forums. The games may share procedurally-generated dungeons, but Auro's complex interactions and hand-created pixel art are probably enough to set it apart from Hoplite's comparative sparseness.

So, anyway, Auro comes out on July 1st, at which point you'll finally be able to push a dopey-looking imp into a freezing lake with a fireball.

  • B30

    Looks good, nice monster art style.

  • Scot Damn

    I'll pass on this developer.

    • xx99

      I know many people consider Burgun an asshole. His brash personality doesn't mean he doesn't know how to make a game.

      Just like assholes can make good movies, write good books, make good art, start good companies, invent good products, and so forth, assholes can make good games.

      Jon Blow and Phil Fish can also be off-putting, but you'd be missing out if you let that stop you from playing Braid and Fez.

      • Scot Damn

        Actually, besides the guy thinking he's some sort of game design god, his game with Dinofarm doesn't stand up technically. Are you familiar with 100 Rogues? Enough said. Again, I'll pass and not lose any sleep over it.

      • Keith Burgun

        Just as a bit of info for those who don't know, 100 Rogues was developed by a company called Fusion Reactions, not Dinofarm Games. Auro is the first actual Dinofarm Games game. If you liked the art, music, or game design of 100 Rogues, then you'll probably like Auro.

      • Scot Damn

        First off, that's not what everything else anywhere says. Fusion Reactions published the game and Dinofarm developed the game. Anyone can check this.

        Even if the reverse were true, it wouldn't change the fact that you don't stand behind your games, on a technical level. Case in point, above you're quick to push 100 Rogues issues on to another party.

        I'm not interested in arguing about this on an internet page. I said I was gonna pass and hinted why.

      • Keith Burgun

        We totally stand by 100 Rogues - we think it's a great game and we're super proud of it. It's just a fact though, that Dinofarm Games had nothing to do with programming either 100 Rogues or EMPIRE. So if you do pass on Auro, you should do it because you didn't like the gameplay/art of 100 Rogues or the gameplay of EMPIRE - doing anything other than that wouldn't be logical.

      • Scot Damn

        Gotta love when you like your own post. Good stuff, Keith.

        There's plenty of logic behind my actions, anyone who knows me also knows this.

      • Nachtfischer

        Anyone can indeed check this and read up on a bit of the story behind the game's creation in the book "Buttonless". It'll confirm that the (main) programmer behind 100 Rogues was indeed Wes Paugh of Fusion Reactions.

      • Scot Damn

        I'm definitely not interested in a debate or argument with you, Nacht. We're on good terms. Please don't take my comments personally. I understand that you support Keith.

      • Nachtfischer

        I didn't just write something to "support Keith". I support the truth here, and Keith spoke the truth. I just gave a source to confirm that, because you seemed to doubt it.

        Nothing personal about this at all. 🙂

      • 61050

        RU-FI-OH! RU-FI-OH!

  • Stormourner

    the animations are splendid

  • Keith Burgun

    Just so you know, the beta footage there is over a year old! The game will look way, way better than what's seen here.