We’ve talked about Botanicula’s port to the iPad last week but we didn’t have a concrete release date, we just knew that it was coming "in May." Well today you can update your calendar and make room on your iPad for Botanicula, as developer Amanita Design have announced on Twitter that the game is going to be released on May 1st. To celebrate, Amanita has unleashed a new trailer showcasing the iOS version.

Yes it’s as bonkers as it looks and that’s a really good thing. Botanicula is quite unlike everything you’ve experienced before and I hope you’ll buy it when it comes out for the iPad next Thursday. I know I’ll be buying it again.

  • ColeDaddy

    Any idea what the price point is?

    • copaeci

      Probably $4.99

  • mzinn

    This is a no brainer. INSTABUY

  • thiagovscoelho

    f yes all point n click adventures must come to the ipad

  • Jake7905

    It was great on my Mac, and it should be even better on my Retina Mini IPad with a touch interface. It's the organic side of Machinarium.

  • http://doitbloggystyle.tumblr.com/ Nemerlebb

    Even though I got it on Steam, this is day 1 for me. Touch interface is made for point-and-click games.

  • Kiltedsheep

    Have waited ages for this! Really looking forward to trying it out. Machinarium is one of my favourite games

  • Rooie1154

    Oh my gosh...this looks adorable. Must have.