Coming Tonight: ‘Wayward Souls’, ‘Horde of Heroes’, ‘Tiny Dice Dungeon’ and Loads More

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday again which means exactly one thing for iOS gamers: A whole heap of new games. Rocketcat Games’ Wayward Souls is leading the charge, as it’s easily the most anticipated game we’ve seen in a while. The thread in our upcoming games forum has been off the chain for quite a while now, crazier yet, it was originally posted all the way back in 2011 not long after the “original" Mage Gauntlet (Free) was released.

So, like previous weeks, all of these games will be available at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially way earlier if you’re in a European or Asian iTunes region. There’s one caveat with that though, the games in the list that are soft launched could pop up whenever, potentially even tomorrow.

Here’s what’s on our radar so far, and of course, new games will likely pop up throughout the day:

Also, just for fun this week I’m going to be doing an early morning stream in addition to our normal streaming time at 4:00 PM Eastern. If you want to watch a quick once over of all these games, check it out on Twitch or watch the archive video below:

(YouTube might be processing this for a while, so if it doesn’t work check back in a bit.)