Earlier this morning at PAX East, Blizzard announced a new single player campaign for their breakout free-to-play card battler game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The new mode is called “Curse of Naxxramas" and takes place in an ancient necropolis of the same name. This will be the first bit of single player content for Hearthstone (not counting the game's brief tutorial or practice rounds against the AI).


Using your deck of choice, you’ll need to fight your way through each wing of the floating, dead city, cutting through the rotting horde before facing special new boss characters. According to Blizzard’s announcement, these bosses come with their own unique cards and abilities. Heigan the Unclean, for example, uses and Eruption ability that damages the left-most enemy minion, while the Mindpocalypse spell allows both players to draw two cards and gain two mana crystals.

All told, the new mode will introduce 30 new cards, a new game board, and 9 challenges specifically designed for each of Hearthstone’s different characters. These new cards will also be worked into the Arena—where players must build a deck using random cards—even if you haven’t unlocked them all yet.

A side note from someone who’s put in a bit of time on Hearthstone for Mac: the new cards on Blizzard’s website put a heavy focus on Deathrattle mechanics. With the right combination of minions, it looks like you’ll be able to trigger a huge chain of buffs, summons, and extra card draws if any of them die. If there are any cards like that in vanilla Hearthstone, I haven’t come across them.


Finally, the “Curse of Naxxramas” will be released in five parts, one for each of the ancient necropolis’ sections. The first wing of the dungeon—the Arachnid Quarter—will be free for all Hearthstone players, but subsequent campaigns will need to be bought with either in-game gold or real money. The “Curse of Naraxxus” will be released simultaneously for PC, Mac, and iPad later this year, but Blizzard haven’t announced specifics yet.

Meanwhile, we Americans are still waiting with baited breath for any whisper of a release date for Hearthstone on iPad while quietly glaring at our Canadian, Australian, and New Zealander comrades.

[via Blizzard]

  • swarmster

    Ugh, is something called "the Arachnid Quarter" supposed to make me look forward to this content? Blizzard, stop their proliferation in your games.

    • mclifford82

      No, it's supposed to be there because it's an area of the raid Naxxramus in WoW. Whether that makes you look forward to it is up to you, but they sure aren't going to rename it for no reason

  • Z3R05UM

    Leper gnome, loot hoarder, savannah high mane, abomination, and one of the legendaries (whose name escapes me) all have death rattle in the core set. If you haven't seen loot hoarder or leper gnome yet, you haven't spent nearly as much time on the game as you think you have.

    • Joseph Leray

      That's what I'm saying -- there obviously tons of Deathrattle minions, but I've never seen a Deathrattle buff (Undertaker) or an ability to trigger it more than once. That's new and could be interesting.

  • Z3R05UM

    Although bonuses aren't as high as the ones implied here

  • Maelwolf

    This game is essentially World of Warcraft 2, it's lukewarm in the fun department, but designed to get players to log on everyday and grind. I've got to give Blizzard credit, they know how to design games that hook players into the MMO, "have to play" mentality.

    • mclifford82

      Yeah, it's entirely out of the question that people play it because they enjoy it.

      • Maelwolf


      • SerapisB


  • falco

    Good news now we know more contents is coming.

  • Crimzzen

    Sooooo excited! Loving this on iPad!

  • joerendous

    As someone who is terrible at the pvp aspect of this game, but enjoyed the tutorial and class battles, I look forward to the pve

  • d0mino

    Anybody playing this on ios I have added a thread in the mmo add me section but I'll post here too.

    Add me: dZero#1615

  • worldcitizen1919

    TA don't bother glaring at us Australians. The game's not that good. I really enjoyed the tutorial but then after I got online with all the cheats that destroyed any fun factor. Haven't played for a week. It's no fun when you always lose due to cheaters.

    • Satan's Taint

      So because you suck at playing, others automatically have to be cheating? Okay then. The only advantage would be buying cards, and that's not cheating.

      • Maelwolf

        I'm not sure that this is true. I've had several games were, just as I'm about to win, something weird happens and the other player gets multiple turns in a row. There don't seem to be any signs of simply lagging out and the timing seems very suspicious if it is simply a bug.

      • Patt

        Interesting. I've played a lot, and have never seen that. Will keep an eye out for it.

      • falco

        I played a lot already on my iPad and it happened only one time at the end of a match but I knew I was losing the next turn anyway.

      • falco

        Sorry for the double post, let me explain it was just a little lag nothing big nothing broken.

      • Maelwolf

        Fair enough, it happened 3 times to me, and always on the opponents turn when I would have won as soon as they passed, so it seemed like a little too much of a coincidence.