With the magic of iOS 7, game updates happening in the background is a great way to miss cool new features, content, functionality, and more. Here's some recent updates you might've missed to popular games we've covered in the past:

Cut the Rope: Time Travel [$0.99] has been sent back to an ancient Asian dynasty!. You’ll find new tools to play and new levels to three-star, which is always a good thing.

Icebreaker HD [$2.99] hasn’t received its content update yet but it is now a universal app. You can now use this HD version on any compatible iOS device.

WazHack [Free] has added 8 new classes and plenty of new items and monsters. The graphics have also been enhanced with OpenGLES 2 rendering.


Might and Magic: Duel of Champions [Free (HD)] has received a massive update. It cleans up the interface, adds daily challenges and rewards, fixes a ton of bugs and implemented a tournament system.

Flappy Golf [Free] has received the update that everyone was waiting for. You can now disable the ads and play multiplayer locally or online. This should be pretty fun!

Mass Effect Infiltrator [$4.99] now supports controllers and is optimized for the iPhone 5’s display. Now if Dead Space could get the same treatment…

Rabbids Big Bang [$0.99] has also been updated with controller support and an entirely new galaxy filled with crazy planets in time for easter.

GT Racing 2 [Free] has changed its interface, added the Lykan Hypersport and Gameloft even changed some tracks. You’ll also find a redesigned solo campaign that is meant to be more exciting.

To celebrate the release of Rio 2, Angry Birds Rio [Free] now contains a new chapter based on the sequel. Here’s the trailer of this update:

As always, don’t hesitate to share more updates in the comments if we’ve missed any.

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  • falco

    The flappy golf worth it.

  • seinfeld95

    FINALLY, Mass Effect Infiltrator's iPhone 5 support has come to Europe 😀

  • GiHub

    FlappyGolf is ace!

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    This is another article cut off before the end when viewing on the TA app.

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      Can you email support@toucharcade.com about this? Comments aren't an official support channel and I can't replicate this. 🙂

  • Jake7905

    Didn't realize EA still supports and updates it's games. Maybe by the time IPhone 6 comes out, they'll have all of their games optimized for the IPhone 5.

  • Mist17

    Dead space already has iphone 5 screen support