Alright so maybe the headline and announcement for Game of Thrones Ascent [Free] was a little too negative as I've actually spent some time with it I've started to really appreciate what developer Disruptor Beam did with the IP. The best way to sum it up is it's a kingdom management free to play game, dripping with themes and fan service from the books and TV show. It's still got all the trimmings of a free to play game like timers and crazy currencies, but it's kept me coming back.

Anyway, the same developer just announced a new game, Star Trek Timelines, and I'm thinking this same gameplay formula will work quite well for the Star Trek universe which arguably is even more vast than Westeros. Check out the gameplay-free teaser trailer:

We don't know much (or anything) about the game yet, but if they basically take Game of Thrones Ascent and make it Trekkie-friendly, they might have something really good on their hands.

  • mothman99

    This could be good if done right. Fingers crossed.

    It looks like you might be able to build a starship and explore different star systems for your missions. The developer's description says: "[...]we want Star Trek Timelines to feature a more immersive exploration system (such as the ability to take your starship from place to place, and see what these unique areas look like) and a more detailed tactical system where you make decisions in the course of conflict resolution."

  • curtisrshideler

    I really am waiting for their confirmed GoT universal update! And I would love this if I like Star Trek but I never got into it. I'd buy into it if it was Star Wars and I would LOVE LOVE if they released this exact kind of game for Red Dwarf! That TV series always makes me laugh and smile and we NEED a game for that.

    • HelsabotDestroy

      Agree. For now I just name my FTL ship Red Dwarf or Starbug and man it with Lister, Kryten, Cat, etc.; which inevitably causes a pang of guilt when one dies, except when it's Rimmer. He can smeg-off with his holo-self.

  • mondoz

    Arguably? Trek has had over a dozen movies, countless books, 5 tv series, and several video games, including an MMO.

    In what reality could a few books and an unfinished tv series be more vast than all of the lore that Trek has been putting out for 30 years?

    Thrones has one planet, with one intelligent race. But Trek is only 'arguably' more vast?

    Somehow, I don't think 'arguably' means what you think it means. Try substituting 'absolutely' or 'far' in its place. Comparing the depth of the two is actually silly; a new IP like Thrones needs a few decades to even catch up, much less become 'arguably' more vast.

    The comparison you could make would be Trek to Star Wars. You would be accurate in saying that Trek was arguably more vast than SW, because at least there is enough material to get started on a comparison.

    • Eli Hodapp

      You should check out our Captain America review, I bet you'd love the argument going on regarding an offhand comment about the comic.

      • mondoz

        Doesn't look like much of an argument. Looks like more of the same. Game reviewer has no idea what they're talking about, fans call them on it. Denial ensues.

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  • thematrixx

    If I understand correctly it will be yet another "pay to play?" Would really step up to pay for a good trek game but not buying into a coin or pay as you go type...just sayin. Can developers please consider a business case to not develop IAPs?