Kalypso Media has formed a sister company to develop and publish games on iOS and Android, according to a press release sent out by the German publisher. The newly-minted Kalypso Media Mobile (what poetry!) will start with handheld versions of its parent company's franchises, but brand new games are also in the works.

Kalypso is best-known for publishing strategy games—think Tropico, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Galactic Civilizations—and Simon Hellwig, the company's Global Managing Director, expects that focus to survive the jump to mobile. "Strategy and simulation games are especially under represented—specifically within the premium-price-segment—at the moment," he explained in a statement. "This is a fast growing market and we think, as a part of our product diversification strategy, our games and brands deserve to become playable anywhere, any time."

The focus on premium-priced content is notable, if not surprising, but the press release also is also clear about exploring free-to-play options as well. The official statement notes that free-to-play will "play an important role" in the new company's "growth strategy."

In any case, until Kalypso announces its first game, we're left with speculation and, depending on your strategy chops, wishful thinking. A Tropico mobile game seems obvious, since it's their most recognizable franchise, but we'll know more soon enough: three games are planned for 2014. Meanwhile, Tropico 5 is slated for this May on PC.

  • cameron331

    Long live El Presidente!

  • Evan

    I thought sins and galciv were stardock/ironclad games, not kalypso

    • Joseph Leray

      My understanding is that Kalypso does a lot of distribution work, esp. in Europe. I just wanted to show what kinds of games Kalypso usually deals with, and these are the most famous examples.

  • m0ncrieff

    ¡Viva el Presidente!

  • JJE McManus

    I'm up for any of their games on my iPad. Oh to be a tinpot despot now that Spring is here.

  • Wolfcoyote

    Sounds great! Hopefully the mobile versions of their franchises will retain the same amount of quality. The games will also be a good contrast to the games already available on the store.

    Can't wait, although I'm on a budget, so if there are any quality releases between now and September I'll have to miss out unless I find seasonal work.

  • Clusterdrone

    Olé !!

  • Aventador

    Once a presidente, always a presidente - With no elections , martial law and arresting people who aren't satisfied with my decisions, while protestors are met with lethal force. Just a normal day in Tropico.

    Maybe they bring Pirate Cove first , that would be awesome 🙂

    • Baracus

      I would definitely play Pirate Cove again... Or maybe it's a case of rose tinted spectacles? :s

  • Bool Zero

    While I don't think they could ever get a version if Sins of the Solar a Empire working on any Apple hardware, I think it is very realistic to at least get a version of Tropico and definitely Galactic Civilization, of which I would buy again at any price if I could play it on my iPad! This is all kinds of good news!

    • Baracus

      Yes and Yes! Mind you if they could get Sins working, it would be the most epic thing to play on iPad! It's streamlined enough in the GUI department, and I think the hardware is good enough on newer devices. I say it's one of the only 4X games that doesn't become overwhelming to control after mid-game so it's a good fit for tablets really.

  • iarepan

    This is great news! I just reinstalled Rise of Nations on my PC for an RTS fix. I'd rather pay premium and not have to deal with any IAP.

  • PerfectTommy

    I got really excited for mobile sins...

  • Popsux

    Ok first of all. I would love to play Tropico on my iPad. If you can play GTA: San Andreas & my favourite: X-COM: Enemy Unknown on an iPad. why not Tropico 3, 4 (or 5).

    So Stardock is a independent software/game developer/publisher. It's one of the few companies that can afford developing and publishing their own and others games. So Stardock developed and published GalCiv 1 and 2 (and working on the 3rd now). I wish Kalypso would be involved i. The GalCiv franchise, cuz it would be fun to play GalCiv on the iPad. But i'm afraid that won't happend.

    Stardock did assist IronClad in developing Sins of a Solar Empire. Which was a big success. They have also published Demigod. They failed on the horrible Elemental game. It had potential, but I would rather play GalCiv or Civ V instead of Elemental...

    Long story short Kalypso doesn't have anything to do with GalCiv or SOASE.

    But sign me up I will pay $10-$20 for a premium Tropico experiance on my iPad while laying on the beach under my umbrella playing on my iPad!

  • Papa Deuce

    I love Tropico games. I will wait and see what they cost, and how deep it is on iOS before buying.

  • makitango

    Gosh I would kill to play Tropico on my iPad!

  • Clusterdrone

    Any news?