Small Arms: Tactics Gem ‘Frozen Synapse’ is iPhone-bound Later This Year

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Earlier this week, Mode 7 Games announced (via Facebook and co-founder Paul Taylor’s Twitter account) that Frozen Synapse (Free) was coming to iPhones. The top-down tactical strategy game was well-received when it was released on PC and Mac a few years ago, and again when it made its iOS debut as an iPad-only game last year. Line of sight and adequate cover are one thing, but Frozen Synapse‘s real draw is the mental chess match that occurs between opposing players: the game is turn-based, but all of the action happens simultaneously, so you’ll be guessing your enemy’s strategy while devising your own. It’s neat stuff.

If there’s one early red-flag about the impending downsizing, it’s that the interface — which we called “busy" and “confusing" in our otherwise glowing review — might be an issue for the dainty iPhone screen. In a follow-up tweet, Taylor mentions that Mode 7 are working on the interface issue. It’s also unclear at this point if Mode 7 is making an iPhone-specific app or releasing a universal update.

Meanwhile, the “Red" expansion pack for Frozen Synapse iPad is still in the works. However, thanks to the game’s cross-play functionality, “Red" content seems to be playable if you sign into the game from a PC or Mac account that’s already purchased the pack.

Mode 7 hopes to have Frozen Synapse iPhone-ready before the end of the year, and we’ll keep our ears to the ground for any new info in the meantime.

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