While Google Maps [Free] is not a game per se, it’s been updated with a neat “gaming-like” function. Starting today you’ll be able to catch Pokémons with your iOS or Android device. Google’s looking for the world’s best Pokémon Master and they will even invite them to Google’s Headquarters in order to determine who should win a Job at Google.

Historically, Google has done some pretty awesome stuff for April Fools, and this is obviously this year's joke. Nevertheless Google Maps’ app has been updated with that functionality and you can try to catch some Pokemons today. You’ll even be able to track how many of them you caught with the included Pokedex. It’s really crazy and you should be on the lookout for more jokes like this as we get closer to April 1st.

  • Based Xatu

    Beyond awesome.

  • galaxy124

    Pffff, stupid to tell already that this is an april fool.

    • sbnewsom


  • Dueler

    Pretty cool April fools, 27 Pokemon so far, can't seem to find any more tho 🙁

    • Themostunclean

      Most of the locations are associated with scientific, communications and humanitarian advancements. For example, there are a few around CERN and a couple in the Galápagos Islands.

  • King


  • comicx90

    You know what....this might actually work. April Fools aside, why don't Google & Nintendo team up for this mini game. Some what of a VR Pokemon with Pokemon spawning random places? And then you would be able to transfer them in game as a bonus with a code or something.

    • thiagovscoelho

      …pokéwalker 3.0?

      • comicx90

        Somewhat. But I really like the whole catching animations in the trailer. Even if its a joke. Why not Google & Pokemon?

      • pdSlooper

        Google already owns your all your datas. Must you hand over your pokemons, too?

        😛 J/K, of course

  • KosMos005

    Like the idea too bad it dosent work everywhere here in PUerto Rico no pokemon show on map

    • Cielymar Gonzalez

      There's one near Cambalache

  • CooleTeeps

    Are they only around the Pokemon Lab (Google HQ)? I only found some around there and I can't find any more.

    • dingdongfootball

      I found a couple by the Eiffel Tower

    • http://www.fatgirlslim.org/ Tracy Webster

      My Pokémon Lab was near the CERN centre in Switzerland. Check around there?

    • Qasim Mahmood

      So far, I know there's loads around Tokyo, CERN, and the Google HQ in both USA and Japan.

    • pdSlooper

      I've found Pokemon in capitals (Tokyo, Washington DC, Paris), landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Ahikabara, Niagara River, Statue of Liberty, JFK Airport) and Google/Nintendo (Googleplex in CA was particularly lucrative, Nintendo World Store in NY and Nintendo in Japan produced a few).

  • Tobias Holmes

    I will become the greatest Pokémon master. Of all time!

  • JCman7

    Caught 55 so far! Fun to try to find them. Check Easter Island!

  • JCman7

    Also there's another HQ in Sydney Australia

  • JCman7

    Area 51 is a great hotspot too!

    • the_rebel14

      What else do you think goes on there? They're creating Pokemon!

  • AlexsIpad

    There are loads in the Galápagos Islands near the Charles Darwin research station

  • Gina

    is it just me? i dont see an update for google maps in itunes

    • AlexsIpad

      There is no update it's just automatically in the app

  • voodoogirl47

    How do I get the update?? I don't have it on my phone (last updated mid march) and I see no update when I go to the app store. Help! I want to catch pokemon. I know the location of one and yet I don't see it on my map, so I know I don't have the update yet.

    • voodoogirl47

      Is it because my phone isn't upgraded to a new OS? I still have gingerbread, maybe I need ICS or higher for it to install a higher version of google maps. I have version 6.14.4 instead of 7.7 (or higher). 🙁

      • voodoogirl47

        Ugh, doesn't seem like my edit is working right. That should be my phone ISN'T upgraded to a newer OS.

      • pdSlooper

        Works fine on my iPod 4gen. Try zooming in at that location. Pokemon don't show up when you're super zoomed out. Zoom in until just the street names start to appear (Blah Blah Avenue, etc.) You may need to move around a bit.

  • Gameplaya

    Do you have to b in satellite mode?

    • Kevbot

      Nope, you can catch pokemon on all types of settings

  • Gameplaya

    Quick, everyone think of famous world landmarks!

  • Gameplaya

    Try the space needle

  • CooleTeeps

    Is anyone else getting repeats in different areas?

    • pdSlooper


  • Kevbot

    Try The Pyramids of Giza, Sydney Opera House, and Statue of Liberty.

  • JCho133

    This is brilliant.

  • spsummer

    I found three Pokemon in Vatican City, never thought I'd say that.

  • Roman Brockman

    Caught them all!

    • Duuude

      Does anything "special" happen when you find the last one?

      • Roman Brockman

        No nothing special happens unfortunately.

      • Duuude

        Ohh, thanks though.
        I am at 99 currently, won't go any further if its like that.

  • William Eklund

    How you activate it to look for any Pokemon

    • pdSlooper

      Just search. Zoom in for the pokemon to appear on the map. Start off at a capital city like Washington, D.C. -- there's usually a pokemon nearby.

  • makitango

    Pity that they aren't the original 150. Cannot even relate to thrm ;(

    • pdSlooper

      I'm guessing they are something like the favorites of the employees at Google, maybe.

  • Dude-e

    Really hope we get something out of this, preferably a gift pokemon

  • Jenson Barr

    For some reason my maps doesn't have the Pokeball. Help I really want to do this

  • CaptYadierPR

    Anyone found mew yet? I tried 10 different locations that are on google. After catching 150 your supposed to be able to find mew in one of those locations.

  • 5parrowhawk

    There's a Steelix somewhere in KL. Don't recall exactly where.
    You can also find one or two in Singapore.

  • Fireman4200

    Found 151/150!!! "Mew" moves locations and has been seen in a lot of places! Most have been seeing him at Nintendo Kyoto and The Amazon River at some point.

    I just hope this is real!! I would love to work at Google!! It would be so awesome to be surrounded by and work with the best technology all day long!! But with it being April fools and how many people are getting them all, I can only hope it's not just a joke!!! 🙂 also there could be a 152, some people are trying to prove they found "Mewtwo" and one similar to Mewtwo called "M." but I don't know if either of them are real or not.