Google Kicks off April Fools Early With “Pokémon Challenge” Google Maps Update

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While Google Maps (Free) is not a game per se, it’s been updated with a neat “gaming-like” function. Starting today you’ll be able to catch Pokémons with your iOS or Android device. Google’s looking for the world’s best Pokémon Master and they will even invite them to Google’s Headquarters in order to determine who should win a Job at Google.

Historically, Google has done some pretty awesome stuff for April Fools, and this is obviously this year’s joke. Nevertheless Google Maps’ app has been updated with that functionality and you can try to catch some Pokemons today. You’ll even be able to track how many of them you caught with the included Pokedex. It’s really crazy and you should be on the lookout for more jokes like this as we get closer to April 1st.

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